Monday Quick Takes Vol. 8

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Yesterday was Palm Sunday, which means the start of Holy Week. Holy week has always been that favorite week of mine since my conversion. Then again my favorite mysteries are the Sorrowful Mysteries. Even though I am unable to do what I use to do when I was in Columbus, Ohio, I am glad EWTN have programs that I can help with this HOLIEST of WEEKS.


Yesterday brought about a lot of things, one of them being a scare. My little brother wrote to me something that caused me to worry. I will not get into it, all you need to know is I decided to call my Daddy. I felt as I was dialing a sense of ‘have I failed as a sister’. I called my Daddy because unlike my mother, he is more of a level-head and doesn’t evoke harsh emotions. Plus, it seems that my brother would feel comfortable talking to him over even me. After all of that my brother is better and when I called him I thought of two things: a grateful sigh for calling my Daddy and my brother seems more mature.


Speaking about my Daddy, I know there are few people who relay what I write on any of my social media. And no, not mad, actually grateful that you all are kind enough to keep my Daddy informed, which I fail to do. Yet, as he was mentioning all this I kept thinking of Carl the Janitor from Breakfast Club.

"I am the eyes and ears of this institution"

“I am the eyes and ears of this institution”


Hopefully, in the coming week or next week I will posting an entry that will feel more like a paper than a blog. A lot of this happened because of a radio program on EWTN, which caused my mind to turn. I am going to let my husband to read it first so he can check the grammar and flow of the entry/paper. Please keep me in your prayers as I work on this.


I would like to leave this entry with a quote. I heard this on an app I downloaded and I have a feeling that I need to frame the quote somewhere in my house.  Please have a wonderful Holy Week.

We never lose anything by giving to the Lord.

–Venerable Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen