Monday Quick Takes #5


It is now officially the first full week of Lent. How is everyone handling it? As of right now I am doing pretty well; I am keeping up with all my promises.


This past Sunday (March 10) was the monthly meeting for the Chapter of the Dominican Laity I am part of. Since our originally location is dealing with structural issues (please keep St. Mary’s Church in New Haven, CT in your prayers) we had to go somewhere else.

Thankfully, wonderful laysisters of the chapter picked me up from the train station and while we went to the temporary location gave me a small tour of the town they picked me up from, Guilford. I enjoyed it and will be finding a way to visit Guilford in the near future just myself, with my husband, or with friends. In addition for the mini tour of the town we stopped at Katz’s Deli for brunch. If you ever are in the New Haven area and don’t mind going to Woodbridge, CT try this gem.

The meeting itself was good and it was delightful to be seeing everyone again. Final Promise group (the group I am in) on-going formation was enlightening and a great discussion.

Finally, I want to thank one of the laysisters would instead just dropping me off at the nearest train station drove me all the way back to my house. I am very grateful it gave me time to get to know her more and she me. Being more of a distance away from the chapter is difficult to keep with community, but I do try.


My husband and I finally tried Blue Apron for the first time today. I will hopefully give a good review and post it on my cooking blog. Overall we were pleased with the services, but we have one more meal to try. We have a few things we are discussing when it comes to this service, but as I mentioned will post an entry on it in my cooking blog.


Today is a start of my temporary babysitting for a friend. It is only on Mondays for the next month and a half. The first day went well and her son absolute loves Maggie and Maggie loves kids so we are good. Will be seeing him I think next Monday. Grateful I can be some help for someone.


When it comes to blog writing I know I am still getting back into the groove. It can be difficult when you haven’t been really actively trying to write your thoughts out in almost paper like format. I honestly think it will take me almost half a year to get my groove back or even a groove. Thank you all for being so patient with me.