CWA: Week 6

::Moments of Gratitude::

For my husband who has been ever patient with me this past few weeks.

For a friend to help me look for better food for my dog.

For Maggie to not losing it when it comes to shots at the vet’s office.


What chaplet to add to my prayers during this coming Lenten season?

Will I really have to contact my PCM this week?

What books should I try to read during this Lenten season?

::Outside My Window::

Sunny and clear skies with a slight breeze going through the trees. From what my husband told me it is pretty chilly.


For the Church

For Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI

For Pope Francis

For all those in the Clergy

For all those in Religious Life

For the Dominican Order

For those discerning their vocations

For all young adults

For the pro-life and pro-marriage causes

For married couples going through infertility

For married couples going through miscarriage

For all those in the military and their families

For all Submariners and their families

For all those who are deployed

For the unborn and their families

For all those who are ill

For Rita Unverzagt

For Irene Beaver

For my Uncle-in-Law, Jay

For Darrell Beaver

For all those who are lonely

For all those who have died


With this coming Wednesday being Ash Wednesday we are preparing for fasting and meatless meals. We do have two Blue Apron meals to make this week. Otherwise due to my husband’s diet keeps meal planning up in the air.


A grey skinny-styled slacks and a deep green and cream dress sweater.


Check out my Goodreads account for all the books I am currently reading.

::Listening to::

Mass at St. Patrick’s Church in Columbus, Ohio thanks to their Facebook. (Do not worry I will be going to Mass at the local parish near me, but it is wonderful to hear the Mass from my home parish.)

::Around the House::

Have to get all the towels and sheets washed this week.

Dusting the whole house.

Clean the rooms upstairs.

Drop off all things that needs to be taken to Goodwill. This means I need to also go through the house and declutter.

::Looking Ahead::

Lenten season begins this coming Wednesday. This is my favorite liturgical season.