7 Quick Takes Vol. 2

7 Quick Takes

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Ghost Stories

Since I was young girl (so well before I became Catholic) I always loved October. My reason, History Channel would have documentary series, Haunted History airing during the day. Bookstores and Libraries would have books on Haunted Places out and in front. Some would laugh, but I use to complain that “Halloween” should be every month so I could get my fill of Ghost Stories and Haunted History. I know, I was (still am) strange.

Well it is October and I have already went through two books that deal with Ghost Stories in the area I am currently living. Once I finish this entry I am probably going to sit my happy butt in a nice comfortable part of my couch and get to reading Haunted Ohio. This particular book is just part one of five volumes. Last year I read volumes two and three since I owned them. Now I finally own them all so this year I will be hopefully reading volumes one, four, and five.

I know I will be unable to watch the Haunted History documentaries because History Channel just hasn’t brought them back on the air. (I checked recently) I miss the old History Channel. Am I the only one who does?



Yesterday, I wrote about my favorite produce products. The entry is a part of my series of random lists that I publish every Thursday. Well, as I was prepping items for my dinner tonight I knew I forgot to add an item, Olives. I love olives, my husband thinks I am crazy. Then again, he is not a fan of actual olives or pickles. (I say it that way because he likes Olive Oil, he is a weirdo.)

I like all kinds of olives, I am really not that picky about them. I have been known to eat a whole small jar on my own. I am like a kid when I know I have a jar of olives in the house. You have to hide them (as well as pickles) so I do not eat them all at once. I am amazed I had the olives because normally they are gone within the few days I purchase them. Alas, I actually never touched them until today. Guess I am getting better at my cravings for them.


Apple Cider Candle

I have mentioned in many of my posts that I love fall. And I love candle stores when Autumn is here for they have such lovely scented candles dedicated to the season. I am actually on my last Autumn candle (had since last year), so it is possible I need to go out and purchase more. The last candle is Apple Cider from Yankee Candle. I am more of a Yankee Candle person than Bath & Body Works; I think it is more the idea I feel Yankee candles last a heck of a lot longer than B&B. And so right now the lower half of my house is smelling like I am at a Cider mill. (Which I learned there is one near me, I need to visit.)


Leaves are Changing

When I went outside today I notice finally many of the trees near my home are changing colors. It is kind of my signal to say Autumn has arrived. Living in a state that is known for their fall foliage you tend to get giddy with excitement seeing the leaves change. Because I can tell you the landscape is breathtaking. I am excited to go hiking this year during the height of fall foliage.


Dominican Laity Meeting and the Rosary

This coming Sunday I will be attending my chapter meeting for the Dominican Laity. As I am a third (technically) temporary promised we have particular lessons as part of our On-Going Formation. I am to speak in front of my group of Third Year Temporary Promised. It is about the Rosary and Our Lady. I am so nervous.

Many assume those who are going through the formation of the Dominican Order (whether Priest, Religious, or Laity) that we are great speakers; you know the whole idea we are called an Order of Preacher. Yet, I can tell you that is not always true. Some of us know our talent is not of speaking, but studying or writing, or even praying.

My talents are not in the speaking department. I am an avid listener and study, so I excel in writing (even if it is sometimes has grammatical errors, which I am trying to better myself on). We well see how this talk goes. In the mean time tomorrow I am publishing an entry on said topic. So you will get to see my hopeful talk on Our Lady.

Holy Spirit, I ask for much guidance on this.


Decision on Adamsist

As I have written, I have multiple blogs in the coming months I am hoping to have them all updated and running. The two I have been focusing on are this one and my American History Blog, The Adamsist.

Yesterday, while I am typing away one of my entries for the day, I began thinking of my load of work. I have a huge tendency to overload myself because I have so many ideas, but I guess you can say I am ambitious to an extent. And so, I made the decision that I have to cut down, or rather reorganize. And so, a series I intended to write weekly on the Adamsist will now be every other week.

Which series, well my Haunted History series. As I mentioned in take one, I have this thing about Haunted History and so, I wanted to write my own entries about places that were haunted, but look into the historical part of the location and if I have been what have my feelings on said “hauntings”.

And so, I will not be publishing another entry for series until next week. I am hoping that this will help with my schedule of writing. My goals are to use the weekends (in the future) as my time to write most of my entries and have them scheduled to be published on my blogs.


Plans for the Weekend

Other than my Dominican Laity Chapter meeting, I am going to be spending time with my husband. We are needing to go on a grocery run, but also we need to clean house. Well, more like I need to clean house. He works and I am appreciative when he can help me, but I am known to be lazy and I have been feeling well, not the best. I am hoping maybe to read more of the books in the Haunted History section of my library. I think I will be able to finish all of them by Sunday or Monday.

Well that is it for my 7 Quick Takes, I hope that everyone has a wonderful rest of their Friday, but have a great weekend!