Five Favorites Vol. 1

Five Favorties

Hosted by: Hallie Lord

This is part of a series that was first put together by the great (well I think she is great) woman, Hallie Lord. Every Wednesday an entry is written on five items that are favorites for the week. It can range from topics, physical items, or even people. Hope you enjoy this series as much as I have. 



Farro, I had never heard of the grain until I decided to put together a recipe titled, The Tuscan Bowl. It has an earthy nutty flavor. I could almost put it with tasting like a pine nut. My husband can attest I was cobble up the Farro. It is now that I need to find more recipes with said grain. Have any you, the readers tried Farro? If you haven’t, I say you should!


Princess Mononoke

I am a huge fan of Hayao Miyazaki and Studio Ghibli. I mean I almost have every film that has been released in the United States. My husband was wanting to watch one of the films this past weekend. We first watched Kiki’s Delivery Service (another great film, I recommend watching), but my husband was unsure if he had ever seen Princess Mononoke.

princess_mononoke_by_travzero.jpgThis particular film is not for the faint of heart. It is one of his goriest films. It has a strong message of environmentalism, but what makes it a favorite of mine is that you can find other themes that most likely Hayao Miyazaki thought of. This was one of the first anime films I watched and one of the reasons I love anime. Even if you might not the story, the beautiful landscapes and music will get anyone.

I think I need to make a list of my favorite Studio Ghibli films, what do you all think? Should I?


Bark Thins

My husband will tell you I love chocolate, especially dark chocolate. But, what makes treat irresistible for me is if it has nuts or pretzel and sea salt. Well guess who got to experience those combos this past week? I did, and oh my word let me say, I know heaven will be an infinite amount better, but those treats were pretty darn close. I would recommend hiding them from yourselves because you will not notice you ate a whole bag to yourself.


City of Jerusalem 

I am huge video games junkie, you will notice when you read my entries or are following me on social media (e.g. twitter, snapchat, instagram, etc.). One of the RPGs that I have gotten into the past few years is a series titled, Assassin’s Creed. You sometimes have to take a grain of salt with the game due to the re-writing of history to fit the story. I am not saying it is for all, but it still has a strong story and characters. I am too many favorite characters in the series.

Just like with Studio Ghibli, even if you can tolerate the game, you will love the music. One of my favorite pieces is from the original Assassin’s Creed. Written by Jasper Kyd, City of Jerusalem is powerful piece that gives you a breath of Jerusalem during the Middle Ages. He combines Middle Eastern themes with undertones of Latin, Hebrew, and Arabic all the while putting a modern touch. The piece brings a shiver down your back, not a bad one, but a wonderful shiver that melts you in relaxation. You listen to the piece on YouTube.


Felt-Tip Eye Liners

I have somewhat small and hooded eyes. One of my biggest issues I have had since actually wearing cosmetics is getting that winged eye look, especially with eye liners. Oh I can get it with shadows, but with liners it always looks messy and bumpy. Smooth lines did not exist for me when it came lining my upper lash line. I had tried different types of liners, even Felt-Tip.


Not my best picture, but whatever. 

Yet, a few weeks ago I started changing how I was applying the liner with the felt-tip. I really cannot explain it, but it was really a “I do not care anymore, your eyes are off set anyways, just do it” and I did it. I am finding only felt-tip work best for me now with the winged look. I still use the other types of liners to fill in the bumpy areas and towards my water ducts, because somehow that is still screwing up. I will get a hang of it one day, but for now, felt-tips are the thing for me!