About DianaJordanOP3

Credit to: Kelsey Bieler Photography

Credit to: Kelsey Bieler Photography

On April 11th, 2009 a great thing happened, a child of the world became a child of God. Nikita is a twenty-something Catholic woman from the Columbus Diocese (Ohio). Nikita is married (married on December 28th, 2012) to a wonderful man named JR whom is now apart of the United States Navy .

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Nikita felt God call her to follow the path to Him by way of Saint Dominic and the Order of Preachers, so on December 2011 she took her Temporary Promise into the Dominican Laity taking the religious name of Sr. Diana Jordan; after Blessed Jordan of Saxony OP and Blessed Diana D’Andalo OP. In addition, since Advent 2013 she felt she was called to Veil and has done so since Advent.

This is her personal blog you have decided to visit. She writes what is on her mind and really tries to convey it as best she can. Thanks to one of her friends, Nikita decided in January 2012 to leave Blogger to WordPress. She is very pleased with her decision of moving.

Nikita is an avid lover of American History, American Catholic History, Literature, Writing stories and blogs entries, Classic Movies, Disney Movies, Miyazaki Movies, Photography, Genealogy, and more. She just doesn’t write on this blog, she is the founder of another blog: AdamsistGirl: American History Blog and a co-founder to Three Bookish Girls.

Most recently, Nikita has decided to begin using YouTube to vlog to visit the channel check it out here.

In the nutshell Nikita is pro-life, pro-marriage, pro-woman, catholic, conservative nature with the love for the poor and disable and those who need prayers.

Little known fact: She is the eldest and only daughter to her father. Poor girl!


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