Random List Thursday: Favorite Produce

  1. Watermelons
  2. Cantaloupes
  3. Cucumbers
  4. Carrots
  5. Red Delicious Apples
  6. Sugar Snap Peas
  7. Romaine Lettuce
  8. Red and Green Cabbage
  9. Corn
  10. Peas

This week’s random list was on my favorite produce. When I was a child my paternal grandmother would also take me and my brother during the summer to a farmer’s market. We would pick up produce and have that for lunch and dinner. My memories of those times are very precious to me. She taught me how to eat each particular piece of produce. It is due to that reason I am not the biggest fan of cooking product, I am the one who will eat them raw. It is also I feel that the flavor and texture is killed when you cook them.

What are your favorite produce? Are they on my list and if so, why do you like those particular ones. Until next Thursday!


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