Five Favorites Vol. 2

Five Favorties

Hosted by: MoxieWife


Thomistic Institute Podcasts

I have never been one for talk radio; after years of memories of my dad only having talk radio in his car I became like those who cannot stand country music or etc. In a way that makes me the most picky person you will find when it comes to Podcasts. These recent years since my marriage I have warmed up to talk radio, to a point. With that being said I look for podcasts with my interests. Recently, I found a podcast on iTunes titled, Thomistic Institute Podcasts. The segments are based on Catholic Theology and the issue of the times. One of my favorite talks was about giving God an hour of our time. I highly recommend the podcast.


Crisp Cool Autumn

I think I mentioned a few times already, but I love Autumn! The colors, wearing layers, apples and pumpkin scented items, and finally the cool crisp weather. I love that I am able to open all my windows and doors to let in a beautiful cool breeze enter my stale house after months closed due to the summer heat. It is difficult to describe for some who have never lived through seasons or those who cannot appreciate the wonders of seasons.


Fitbit Adventure Challenges

This past August I purchased a Fitbit. I am loving it! I feel motivated when I see how many steps I have taken throughout the day. One of the benefits I am finding is the challenges; mainly the Adventures. What are those? Well it is particular trails or marathons in two particular places. Each place has two or more challenges and these are of certain amount steps and treasures. You get badges which motivates you to make you get them all. It also makes me want to actually walk these said paths. For those who have a Fitbit, do you use the Adventure challenges? If so, what is your favorite?


The Spot

Just tonight, my husband and I went for the very first time to a local joint. I have no idea why we have never went to this location. Good food, better than 99 and Applebee’s. The food was mouth-watering and prices were decent. We will be going back more often. Also, the atmosphere were very homey, if I might say so.


Our Hound, the Cuddle-bug

I told my husband once we take the window units out and shove them back in the shed our Hound, Margaret Thatcher (Maggie, for short) will start cuddling with us. He never really believed me. Last night Maggie proved my theory because in between us was none other than Maggie. There only way this theory will be disproved is whenever my husband is gone for a longer period of time. Either way, I have missed her cuddle-bug ways. Do not get me wrong I love cuddling with my husband, but when he is working it is nice to have that safety of cuddling with Maggie.


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