Monday Quick Takes Vol. 2

Monday Quick Takes Image


Still No External Drive

As I mentioned in my 7QT last week my external drive decided to act up. Over the weekend we were unable to go to Best Buy to speak to Geek Squad on how to get said thing working. With that being said, I have decided to wait to start working on my CWA entries. I hope to start them back up next week.

I will say we know something is wrong because my lovely desktop could connect, but it showed nothing when I looked for the drive. Murphy strikes me when I am motivated. I would have hopefully gotten done on Sunday, but for some reason I was very ill. I mean I was shaking and my husband said I had a fever. I was unable to go to Mass with my husband. I was not the happiest of people most of Sunday.


Hey Shipwreck

My husband considers this YouTube series (which is almost ten years old, crazy to think that) is a documentary. He truly believes it. Sunday evening I was feeling better and we had a dinner guest and he was one of my husband’s shipmates. He had never heard of the show. We were shocked and we decided he was to watch the show with us after dinner. I pretty much binge watch this series because they are short and well too good to just leave at one episode.

If you want a good laugh, especially those who understand the military lifestyle (mainly Navy) I recommend this series.


October Playlist

Since I subscribed to Spotify I have created playlists for each month. I do this because I seem to want to listen to music based on the month’s unofficial theme, but also my mood. But, if there is a holiday or season within the month I do not try to put that particular music in the month’s playlist, they get a playlist of their own. With that being said I have a Halloween playlist (which I am listening to right now because I can) and an October playlist. What is on the October playlist? Well, it has a lot of music scores for video games, particular numbers that feel they could tie into the October/Autumn feel. If you wish to listen to my October Playlist, just click on the highlighted text.


Steam Train Ride

My husband is a huge fan of steam trains. He has his reasons, from his grandfather, to the wonders of the engine itself, and so on. I like steam trains because they are quite frankly beautiful. Every train ride I have taken that was steam I felt I went back in time. So this past weekend we went to Essex, CT to take a ride on the steam trains there at the Essex Train Museum. We normally take the Riverboat ride which travels upstream the Connecticut River, but I am glad my husband decided against it. It was raining by the time we got on our train.

The train car we sat in were built in 1925 with Mahogany wood. There was an elegant feel to the car. The train that pulled us was a 1920 steam locomotive. I am hoping that I can show you the video I took of when it was leaving to pick up passengers at the Riverboat. Found a way, click here to view the video.


Phase 10

I think everyone has heard of Uno. I think everyone has heard that Uno can sometimes kill a relationship. Well, the creators of Uno gave another card game called, Phase 10. Phase 10 pretty much is a match card game with a twist. If you have played Phase 10 you know how it is more fun to play with more than just 2 people. This past weekend my husband and I played Phase 10 and well let us just say that we need more players. My husband can be a bit competitive and sometimes I think he thinks I am cheating somehow, especially card games like these. I promise I do not cheat.


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