Favorite Historic Places

This entry is part of a series titled, “Random List Thursday”. These entries are random lists. I guess you can say it gives you an insight of me and my interests. Enjoy!

This list is on my favorite historic places I have seen. There are not in order of favorite. All the photos you see were taken by me.

  1. Edinburgh Castle-Edinburgh, Scotland12644833_10101073347659987_475097178901874223_n
  2. Arlington National Cemetery-Arlington, Virginia401529_799918769717_1118867240_n
  3. Saratoga National Battlefield-Saratoga, New York10391417_10100543849463617_8830869963406594418_n
  4. Peacefield-Quincy, Massachusetts 11863462_10100947683791387_7342402427216044042_n
  5. Fort Griswold-Groton, Connecticut11241434_10100947675273457_4118461736276980307_n
  6. Castle Pickney-Charleston, South Carolina396015_10100215566515277_1573324625_n
  7. Nathan Hale Schoolhouse-New London, Connecticut11880654_10100947657044987_896075415537204400_n

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