7 Quick Takes Vol. 1

7 Quick Takes

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This entry is part of a series that was first started by the amazing Jennifer Fulwiler. Just like the Monday Quick Takes, these entries incorporate seven things from this past week. Does not matter if they are similar to each other or complete opposites. Enjoy the entry. 


Feast of Our Lady of the Rosary


Today is a very special feast for not only the Church, but for Dominicans. The Rosary is considered our sword against the evils and heresies of the world. It is our way of seeing the life of Jesus through the eyes of His mother, who is also our mother.

It was on this day in 1571 that a combined Christian fleet defeated an Ottoman fleet off the western part of Greece. Known as the Battle of Lepanto. This battle it was known that the Christian forces were at a disadvantage. Pope Pius V, called for all of Europe to pray the Rosary for victory, and even led a rosary procession in Rome. Within five hours of sea-faring fighting the combined Christian forces manged the stop the Ottoman navy from the access to the west.

The Rosary is a tool to focus our prayers to God, to mediate His Love for us, and it reminds us that Our Mother is always with us as we pray.


External Drive

My husband and I got this particular external drive probably less than a year ago. Around probably the same time we purchased our desktop. We wanted this to hold all our pictures. I wanted it so I could hold all my documents in one place and never have to email myself from one computer to the next. Yesterday, our drive decided to not connect anymore with either our laptops. We are unsure if it will work on the desktop. I am so worried I have lost everything, but my husband told me not to worry. We will just visit the Geek Squad at the local Best Buy and hope they will fix the issue. I really hope they can, much of my materials for my blogs, but my lists are on there. And all our pictures and videos too.


Maggie, the Blanket Thief


Margaret Thatcher and the blanket. Please excuse her nose, the vet thinks she has a very acute sensitivity to sunlight. We have been working on getting her nose back the lovely black. 

I think I have mentioned this a time or two, but my dog is a huge blanket thief. She especially likes stealing every last blanket my husband has slept with. It really began when he went on his first deployment. I remember folding clothes and I had one of my husband’s blankets on the bed. It happened all at once I saw from the corner of my eye the grey blanket moving passed me and going around the corner. I watched as my dog drag the blanket from upstairs to her kennel that is located downstairs. I tried to take the blanket back, but she would find it and put it back in her kennel. I gave up after that.

Today, she decided she wants to take another blanket, one my husband again uses often when he has duty or goes out to sea. I used it today because I wanted to sleep down on the couch instead walking my happy butt upstairs to my bed. (I have been exhausted for the past few days.) I am not letting her take this one, so we will see who wins this blanket. I think I might win.


Books, Comic Books, and More Books

There is one thing my husband will say all you have to do to get me excited for a day; tell me we are going to a bookstore. I am not kidding, I have a serious problem. I love books! I love so much that I told my husband my goal is having the Library of Beast’s Castle or something like the Adams have at their home of Peacefield.

This past week alone I have went to Books-a-Million, Sarge’s Comics, and 2 of Book Barn’s locations. I go to Books-a-Million for more recent published books and maybe the random collection of fairy tales. I go to Sarge’s for my comic books and mangas, plus I am part of program that holds particular titles for me when they come in the store. Finally Book Barn, a second-hand bookstore that has four locations, but the four locations are different as in they hold particular subjects. The prices at Book Barn are so cheap, I went to two of the locations and spent less than $30 dollars and almost twenty books. You also never know what will be there. There are rare books that pricey, but come on they are rare. Example this past visit I found a nearly full set of the Ohio Rooster of the Civil War. Each book was $200, but you can only find these books in libraries or rare book collections. Husband told me no on the Ohio Rooster, but still maybe if they are still there in the future he will let me get them. Who knows!


Cleveland Indians vs. Boston Red Sox

Oh my word, my baseball team is in the playoffs for the World Series. Yes, you might have guessed I am an Indians fan. I have been for years. Yesterday, they won by one run. That was a nail biter. My husband had to walk upstairs because it was so nerve-wrecking to watch.

As of right now they are at the top of the 8th and Cleveland Indians are winning 6 runs to 0. Take that! We are “Made for October”. I am so excited for the Indians, I just hope they make it to the World Series. If they do not, I want them to get as far as they can in the play offs.


Hurricane Matthew

It was a bit of scare for us, because there was a possibility I would get to experience my first actual hurricane. I was making sure I had everything ready for said time. Thankfully, Hurricane Matthew is not going to be reaching me, as it showing through the radar. (I have an app called Weather Underground, it actually shows you the projected direction of storms.)

For all those in Hurricane Matthew’s path, please be safe. I have friends who were evacuated from their homes because of this hurricane. Heads up, there is another hurricane, Nicole, but from her projections she is not even going to touch the Coast. Who knows though!


Halloween, but why is Christmas here?

My husband and I were at one of the local grocery stores, as we were passing to head to the dairy section I noticed something. Halloween is not even close upon us and the seasonal section of the section already have Christmas products set up. What the heck, I mean I know Christmas is a big deal, even before I was Catholic, I knew it was big deal; this is just ridiculous.

Am I the only one who thinks this?


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