Monday Quick Takes Vol. 10

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Copyright: National Catholic Register

Copyright: National Catholic Register

As everyone knows yesterday was not JUST Divine Mercy Sunday, but the canonization of Popes John XXII and John Paul the II (or known as John Paul the Great). There have been people who question John Paul the II’s canonization, but I think if someone understands the process enough it is not by the time they are gone but the people who put together their “cause file”. Many would agree that even Blessed Mother Teresa and Venerable Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen seem to have happened quite quickly in the terms of secular society or even Catholics. Yet, it was because groups of Catholics came together to submit their cause. If I am correct Blessed Mother Teresa’s cause was sent to the Vatican merely a year after her death.  While I know that no matter what the Catholic Church does will always seem to never be enough for the view of Society, I am happy for the latest additions to our liturgical calendar.

Pray for us, Saint John XXII and Saint John Paul the Great!


Credit: Pinterest

Credit: Pinterest

For the Dominican Family we are not just celebrating the canonization of two Popes, but the beatified of one of Brother Friars. Father Giuseppe Girotti, O.P. became Blessed Giuseppe Girotti, I have known a bit about him thanks to Pinterest (Yes that is silly, but that is how it happened). Of course for the rest of the Catholic Church this humble Holocaust martyr is not that important as the two Popes, but he should. Blessed Giuseppe was beatified on Saturday, April 26th. To learn more about this Dominican Friar I ask that you read this entry by the Dominican Brothers at the House of Studies in Washington, D.C.


This past week I was a part of a photo shoot, which I mentioned in my 7QT.   Right after I had already posted my 7QT my friend, Kelsey sent me the best of the shots she took from the shoot. I must say she is right I do look better in Black & White:

Kelsey 4

Copywrite: Kelsey Bieler

By far the one above is one of my favorite photos she let me have. I will say that the photos bring up something that I must address. In two of the photos or three (maybe) cleavage is more shown than I would even like. I am a modest person, or at least I try to.  I must remind people that a lot of times nothing can be done for me when the angle of the shot will do that. There are those who will say wear something under, but I assure you it would still happen. I have a chest; even my tank top (that has lace at the bottom and top) cannot help as much (tried a few times).  I think it should be noted that I at least try and also remind others reasons why I do not like warmer weather.


This past Saturday I went to Confession, finally! Five months and two weeks had passed since my last Confession and I knew I needed to go. While I felt I was given kind of the “you are in the cashier line” type of Confession I was happy to just at least go to Confession. It just means I just need to keep looking for that good Confessor. (But will still go to that one because when I need to go to Confession I will go.) Afterwards, we went to Saturday Evening Mass (which is Sunday Mass), which when I received the Eucharist I felt Home, not just with the parish, but something more.  It is very difficult for me to explain into words the feelings, except all I know is I did begin to cry happy tears.


Copyright: Nikita Unverzagt

Copyright: Nikita Unverzagt

Also this past Saturday visited NSB New London and the Submarine Museum. I have been here a time before back in November, but it is always nice to visit again. Plus, my husband wanted to go back onto the USS Nautilus. My favorite thing was able to use my new camera on this trip to the museum. Which this is my favorite picture from that museum trip:

My Husband  Copyright: Nikita Unverzagt

My Husband
Copyright: Nikita Unverzagt



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