Good Friday

Just like the rest of this Lenten Season, I felt a lack in myself. I mentioned this to my husband, to which he really had no answer. (But, he was kind enough to just listen.) What do I mean that it is just not the same? Example is from my previous post written after Good Friday service two years ago. It is not because I cannot go the services. I can tell you I did not go last year when we were stationed in Charleston, SC and that did not deter or have a lack in my faith or Lenten Season. What makes this Lenten Season so different? I cannot say, but I ask everyone to please pray for me.

On this Good Friday I am focusing on watching or listening to pre-recorded shows on EWTN during this Holy Week. I will be reading the last fifty-seven pages of Interior Castle by Saint Teresa of Avila. And trying to keep my head covered throughout the day for I want to try to stay in prayer.

I know this should have been a longer entry, but I just cannot write much more.

God Bless,



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