7 Quick Takes Vol. 39–Catholic Birthday, Odin, Little Sister is 16?!

Hosted by ConversionDiary

Hosted by ConversionDiary



The anniversary of not only my baptism, but full communion into the Church is today! I am five years old, I jokingly always say I am just a toddler in the Church, now I can say I am a big girl, okay kid now. It is sometimes a weird feeling to think it has only been five years when sometimes it feels longer. Yet, there are times it feels it was yesterday. Still dealing with a darkness or rut in my faith (I am not re-explaining that) my only hope is with this being my “birthday” I can find that way back to God’s outreached hand that I always felt, knew, and saw right in front of me.


My husband has decided that for my “Birthday” we should get me a birthday present. I am excited for we are getting me another book. I am hoping I can find another of Papa Ben’s books at Barnes & Noble, I have been craving his works ever since I finished The Transforming Power of Faith. (Yes, it was just his audiences, but come on it is his works nonetheless.) A bonus to all this, I have a 20% discount coupon, so maybe depending on the price I can get two! (Won’t happen, but it is nice to try.)


If anyone remembers the movie “Annie” then you would remember this: 

Well, instead of “Annie” say “Odin”. Yeah that is right I am happy to say I am dog-sitting Odin again. He is such a good dog, has his quirks (as all dogs do). He is over because his owners are dealing with an issue and so the wife had to leave to just get away from it all. I took it upon myself that he should come over to our house so he would not be lonely or not given the love and affection he needs. (The wife is a good friend of mine, so I will not go into details what is going on.)


Yesterday was my little sisters’ 16th birthday. I am amazed that she is such an age, where did the time go? It is weird to think I have not really had a face-to-face conversation with my little sister since my birthday (January 1st) of 2013. My Godmother and friend, Camille was kind enough while she was spending time with my little sister to take tons of pictures. Should I mention my sister is an extra in her school spring musical, Grease.

Copyright: ARPhotography

Copyright: ARPhotography


Alright, I really do need to stop finding some awesome vintage inspired clothes & etc. Early this morning I was going through my news feed on Facebook and stumbled upon ModCloth (which I have not really looked at for a long time). Of course, I was starting to look at it more closely and what did that lead me, probably posting another 100 pins to my boards. I think really for me Pinterest has become that not just wish list, but inspiration of what I am looking for. I know ModCloth is mad expensive with their clothing, but you never know I might something similar somewhere else. I just feel bad for all those who follow me on Pinterest, I promise I know I will never get all that I pin, but I like a lot of them. I just want to remember what I am really looking for.


Speaking about ModCloth, I have noticed something, I am picking colors that I never would have EVER thought of looking at. I was always the girl if you opened my closet you would think “hmm this girl might be goth or just has no idea that there are other colors to choose from”. I went for certain colors because if I tried something different or just a pretty color I was usually made fun of, even by those who you would think should never make fun of you. I told my husband this morning that I hope he doesn’t mind that I am really wanting to buy more color items (such as lighter blues, purples, greens, even pale yellow). He is actually not phased, but says he is happy I am trying to look for things I like and not what I hope people will not tease me over.


Sadly, this coming Sunday I will be unable to attend Palm Sunday Mass. This is a first, it is not because of Odin, it is actually because I have no way of getting to Mass. Please keep me in your prayers and I hope everyone has a lovely Palm Sunday.

God Bless,



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