Beauty with the help of Pinterest

As many of you know I am a huge fan of social media site, Pinterest and as many of my readers if going to my boards, I have a lot of them. (Reasons for so many are found here.) A majority of them deal with fashion and beauty, which by the way alone I have just 16 boards dealing with make-up or beauty products. For someone like me, who is a novice when it comes to fashion and beauty I see how I have that many boards on the subject. In previous posts where I talk about things other than Catholicism (which if none of you knew I am Catholic) I have received some nasty comments saying I am allowing the devil to coax me into playing those video games or whatever else I have written about.

I am already prepared for those who will come after me about beauty and fashion saying I am allowing the sin of Vanity overrun me. I understand that many in this society are quite vain, even so much they will tell you, but I think you should not overall just call cosmetics or fashionable items evil. I find these products or fashions only cause Vanity when you allow culture to dictate what is beautiful and what is not. Vanity for me (I am not quoting the Catechism so these are my own thoughts) is when a person focuses solely upon themselves and are so worried that just one mistake would ruin all that they are. No you have already ruined that.

Beauty products for me are just ways to brighten the beauty God has created. They are not creating a new you, they are bringing out the beautiful things about you. But, you must not go overboard, for even beauty has a limit. Either way, I wanted to put that out there before I get the nasty comments that I might be going to hell because of this entry. (It has happened a time or two.)

From my Pinterest boards I have chosen these companies I would really like to try. I will mention now, I do not need them, but they would be nice to try. Some are in my mind too much money, while others I consider a good price range. Also, most of these if not all I have seen some of my favorite makeup gurus using such products or giving great reviews. (People like: Sineady Cady, Michelle Phan, Sarah, and Lisa Eldridge) This is also why I am seriously considering (and have at least one, but on the waiting list) getting subscription bags. I am just going to link up the boards I have so please be patient with me.

Face Products–I am already using Clean & Clear which is working so far, but I would like try Benefit and Balm Cosmetics.

The Balm Cosmetics

Em Cosmetics  

Smashbox Cosmetics

Benefit Cosmetics

Be A Bombshell–this is one of those companies that I am thinking they were sticker happy, but just like most of these they are found in subscription bags.


Miscellaneous–This board has a mix of items but a few in this board only that I would like to try is Stila, Blank Canvas Cosmetics, E.L.F. and even Icing (An actual jewelry store).

Make-Up Tools— I most definetly want to try the Beth Bender Beauty tool for a good cat-eye. The only real companies I want tools from are Blank Canvas Cosmetics and Icing. But, I truly believe in having a multitude of brushes.

What products are you a fan of, do you watch YouTube Tutorial, and what do you think of the boards?


God Bless,


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