7 Quick Takes Vol. 37

Hosted by ConversionDiary

Hosted by ConversionDiary



This week has been mighty difficult for me. I wish I could spill it all out in the open, but I cannot. For a lot of it deals with difficulties with my husband’s current command. Nothing dealing with him (hubby) in trouble, just things that deal with us moving on from the command to our next keeps getting some bumps. On Wednesday I was supposed to write a Five Favorites entry, but I was too distraught and overwhelmed. This is probably the first time I have actually and truly cried when it comes to something dealing with Navy.


Even with the difficulty and crying mess I was; there was a bright side to it all. Thanks to calling the people I needed to, I was able to figure out how to not worry over certain details that had overwhelmed. I want to say that K, the realtor that I deal with for BH (Base Housing)  is amazing. I would not trade for another person. And F, our Household Goods guy, could not trade him either. Both were helpful and understanding; plus they did not think I was being a crazy and insane Navy wife. (Even a few people who have kept me company by chatting with me or I have went out with have all said I am not being a whining person about this. I thank them for their honesty!)


I have been in this mode to make things. I have mentioned in another post my MQT of the Budget Binder and Planner that I am working on, but now after going with Kelsey to JoAnn’s I want to start making my own Veils. I mean I love helping out a business, especially small businesses, but I cannot always afford what they want. The only problem I am having with all of this is I cannot seem to find any good tutorials on different Veils, I found one, but I like others as well. So, anyone who either makes Veils or is great at looking things up could help me find some information on Veils like French, Spanish, Long, Infinity, and etc please comment below. Thank you in advance.


Hives have to come from Stress! Spoke to my mother a few days back and she told me that the doctor I had back before I graduated High School told her that stress was the main factor to my hives. Though I told her I should have gotten them during other stressful times, she said that maybe they were not as stressful as I thought. She did say the doctor also mention I am just very sensitive, which is why I cannot eat seafood or fish in general. The hives went away yesterday, but started back around my neck earlier today. Argh, no more stress.


I am in a vintage buzz right now. From the dresses I found to make-up I just saw on the Kohl’s website, even shoes and etc. I really want to dress up and just be a bit girly, which is difficult for some to believe I can be. (Even myself!) Am I am nuts? Probably, doesn’t my husband think I am insane…he apparently thinks I would look good in vintage. So, I apologize for anyone who looks at my Pinterest Boards and notice a more vintage pinning rage going on. I cannot help it!


Babies, Babies, Babies! I am so glad I can live vicariously through my friend, Kelsey because with the fact right now even though we are trying we have yet to receive the joyous bliss of finding out we are pregnant. Kelsey is very kind to let me come with her to just look at things for the baby. Just today while at JoAnn’s we were looking for things for her son’s nursery. While we were looking I kept seeing things that would be great for my future little ones. I know themes already for the future children that both hubby and I will agree upon, especially for boys. Even went to a baby store and I saw things that would look adorable on our future kids. Hurry up Navy let us move so I can get to doctors to figure out why we haven’t gotten pregnant!


Well, that is the end of this week, summed up gloriously through 7QT, hope you enjoyed, please join me and others with Jennifer on this weekly link-up


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