Five Favorites Vol. 4

Hosted by: MoxieWife

Hosted by: MoxieWife


Candid Shots of Maggie

Copyright: Kelsey Bieler

Copyright: Kelsey Bieler

My friend, Kelsey is an amazing photographer (I am not even in the same league), if she ever decides to actually create a business I would sponsor it. My puppy Maggie is hates pose shots, she just won’t sit still. Her best pictures are candid shots like this one above. This picture is by far my favorite picture of Maggie. And if you notice the feet in the background, yep those are mine.



I blame my husband for my new obsession with Pandora and Iphone Apps. Since I downloaded the app I have been listening to it more than my own music collection. It is not that I am tired of the collection I have it is actually I find more music thanks to Pandora. Which is terrible for me it just means that we are really need to get a desktop. Does anyone else love Pandora?


Copyright: Pinterest

Copyright: Pinterest

Found this when I was going through Pinterest. I would love to have this because it would be great when you have people knocking on your door to sell something when they are not supposed to on military base housing. I know I must sound rude, but I also think it would be great to have when I am not wanting to have people coming over or I do want people to come over.


Copyright: Pinterest

Copyright: Pinterest

Has anyone seen this? I remember seeing this back when I was volunteering at Fleet and Family in NWS Charleston. Never thought twice about it until I saw it on my Pinterest. I really think my husband and I should do this especially during deployments. For those who have started it, how difficult was it to do this? 


New Pinterest Board

With a high possibility of my husband being deployed this year I have been for the past few days looking through Pinterest for ideas. I know with my husband being a submariner care packages might be difficult to do, so I am unsure if I should pin some on my board. Any of the military, especially Submariner wives should I still look into care package ideas?

Amazing to think that this entry marks my 500th entry on this blog. I am so happy that I have stuck with blogging. I hope I have 500 more in the coming years. God Bless. 


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