7 Quick Takes Vol. 35

Hosted by ConversionDiary

Hosted by ConversionDiary



Am I really awake? Personally, I would rather be back asleep, but when hubby has to be awake at this time of the morning I know I will be awake for a bit before going back to sleep. Then again lately I have going to bed a little later and waking up just a few hours after. The terrible part, I will be up for a few hours only to go back to sleep; wasting the day away in bed. Let us hope this is not a trend for me.


My friend is having a baby boy this coming August! Yesterday, I was very honored to take the gender reveal photos for my friend and her husband. I would show some of the photos but they were taken with her camera and they are her photos, so I have no permission to share. The little photo shoot was hilarious to participate in, they were decked out in ‘Rambo’ style outfits, they found items that would make you think ‘boy’.

I was hoping they would be having a boy, because they picked a beautiful name for him, Atticus. Most of you would instantly know the name from reading To Kill a Mockingbird, and that is how I know the name. Atticus, was and still is my favorite character of the book. The best part of it all I can now say if I ever visit them after our move: gonna go visit AKA. (Yes, I am that special, but when I figured out that their first name initials spelled ‘aka’ I ran with it.)


We have a place at our new duty station! I cannot tell you how happy I was and relieved with the news. My only problem right now is I have little information about the place, and it was not the person who I spoke to fault. What happen is I was getting worried for I had heard from the duty station’s housing and it was coming to the 30 days until I receive keys. I have had nothing but great experience with the company that runs the housing all the duty stations we have lived at, but this one had yet to call even to just confirm they got my paperwork or even to let me know that we were on the wait list.

The person I talked to looked through her database while on the phone with me and said: you have a place. What?! She asked us if we have ever been contacted at all since I last called in the beginning of February. I explained to her that we had not, it was one of the reasons I was calling. It is funny but the lady who I was speaking to was the one who confirmed to me through the phone the last time my paperwork was with them. She was perplexed to say the least and said she wanted to look into why we were not notified, supposedly we got this place or our names were put to this location at least two weeks ago.

Anyways, when I asked her about the place, she had little to go on, she knew what housing community but was unsure of the style of the home. That worries me because I know I do not have a lot of things, but I do not want to feel like I am crammed in, if you get my meaning. My husband and I have come down to the idea that we might need to make a drive to the new duty station (which isn’t that far) next Sunday and see if we can figure out, but also walk the neighborhood with Maggie.


Thankfully, I have spoken to a few wives who I come to consider new friendships who have given me encouragement or advice with new housing. This is thanks to a few of the duty station wives Facebook groups that I was accepted to. These wives who I have conversed with are very helpful and in turn great women to chat with. One of the wives actually is moving in as well into the same neighborhood so she is in the rut I am, unsure what style. But, we have been trying to figure out together.

It seems though I have heard there is drama at every duty station I will ever encounter, I have found a few sane wives to socialize with. And hopefully, we can put together our experiences to help each other out within this Navy Family Lifestyle.


It is the middle of March and we got snow and ice. It is not that insane I guess to see this happening because I am living in Upstate New York. The rest of the United States would and do think it is crazy weather, but I remind myself what my great-grandmother told me. ‘You know your great-uncle was born on May 4th, and we were still getting snow.’


My husband and I have been discussing our last days at this duty station. We have been thinking what can we do during the last days and I told him that I would like to go to the first restaurant we went to be our last. He liked the idea, it one of our favorite places. I was thinking of going if the weather permitted and husband schedule was working for us, that we head to the Saratoga Battlegrounds. That is an amazing national park that I will miss seeing, and it has such a huge historical role in the American Revolutionary War. So I am thinking we are going to leave with a bang!


Happy 2nd Friday of Lent! I hope everyone is doing well in their Lent are going well. I am praying for all of you and wish you a wonderful weekend.


4 thoughts on “7 Quick Takes Vol. 35

  1. My husband retired after 22 years Army. He was stationed in Europe for most of his career…. and a few bases in the US.
    Where are you going?
    I wish I could help… but I hope it is somewhere GOOD!

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