Quick Takes Monday Vol. 3

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Finally, I have an image to go with this little Link-Up. It might change as time goes on, but as of right now I am digging the image. What does everyone think about it?


I finally finished the book I started on Ash Wednesday! The Catholic Way  by Cardinal Wuerl was finished this morning. Almost a week, that is how long it took me to read that one book. As I mentioned in my 7QT I feel it was the questions at the end of each chapter that caused the lag. I will say other than the lag of reading it, I liked it and I highlighted a lot.

When time comes (I do not know when), I will write an entry about one of the questions from each chapter. Should I mentioned there are about eighty chapters?


With one book down that means another one to be read. Almost like Cardinal Wuerl’s book, but with no questions at the end of each chapter; my next book is a compilation of Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI’s works under Ignatius Press. It is titled: The Transforming Power of Faith. I am excited to dive into the book, because well, I love Papa B’s works. And there are many moments (and I have written this in my book blog) where when I read his works I can hear him. Most would consider that insane, but it is true.


Going to Gym?! Yeah, you have read that, started going to the local YMCA here near where I am stationed. Sadly, our duty station has no base gym, but they are nice enough to give us a year membership to the YMCA. Though we are leaving soon, I had never once went to the YMCA. Reasons were when I wanted to go well, the winter storms started and that made it difficult to walk to the YMCA.

During this weekend I went there twice, once with my husband and another with a friend (another Navy wife). When it comes to working out, I have been a fan of working my legs. I guess it is because I walk so much that working my legs are key, but also when I was losing weight or just looking better, it was all to the leg works I did.

I have used two of the four machines that focus on legs (and they are not weights), I spending almost forty-five minutes on them. My thighs hate me right now, but my knees and ankles are loving me. My hope is that I go at least every other day, until we PCS. Then at our new duty station I will go, hopefully everyday, even if for two hours.


First Sunday of Lent, I was unable to go to Mass. There should be no excuse, but walking to the nearest parish is still a hassle, with little to no sidewalks and a lot of ice, it would be very unsafe for me. I mean it, for I fell almost three times just walking Maggie. (And I actually fell of the fourth slip, just could not catch myself, thankfully Maggie doesn’t run away when she feels I am not holding the leash.)

Another reason was my husband had to work, so I would have no transportation, to add to that because I know someone would or might say ‘well you could ask someone to take you’. With now only one friend I could contact, she would have not been able to help because her husband is on a different schedule and they only have one car.

I ask that everyone please pray for me, because I get upset when I cannot attend Mass, even if I do not like the diocese.

Well that is all for now, hope everyone had a lovely weekend.  Happy Lent! 


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