New Hair, New Phone, and Bode Miller–Quick Takes of Monday Vol. 1

If you have never heard of 7 Quick Takes, then you might not understand this entry at all.

Is it just me or is it sometimes difficult to write an entry in an blog? It is for me, I think a lot of times I have so much on my mind (or I store way too much!) that I cannot write a decent blog post on a certain topic; that causes frustration. Yet, I have noticed that with CWA, 5 Favorites, and 7 Quick Takes I am able to write. Why? I think for me it is like lists and since I am a lover of lists I am able to write with ease. Yes, there are many times I just do not write and that in turn in another issue.

What am I getting at though? Well, while I feel 7QT really involves with what has happened in the week. There is always that time on Monday that you say: ‘Wow a lot happened during the weekend’. But, they sometimes are so unrelated that for someone like me I want an entry to flow without the seeming jumping.

I decided today that I should do something about it! And that is how I came up with Quick Takes of Monday. This will be almost like 7QT, but it doesn’t have to be seven. It can be as many takes as you wish to write. I have not decided it to be a link-up, but if people enjoy it, I just might.

Well, let us get started!


This past Friday I got my hair cut. My husband was kind enough to take me to the place where he goes for cuts: Swagger. It has a really good atmosphere and when my husband really likes a place you know it will be good. (He has that ability to have good tastes.)

I knew I wanted something different from what I have had before. I am long hair girl; grew up that way. This time however, I wanted to make it a little shorter. Not real short! I have had it short before, never liked it. (Could never put in an ponytail when it was short, so no!)

The hair stylist, Heather did a great job I think. She also gave me some tips of taking care of it. And the result to my hair was this:



Not just a new hair cut, but new phone too! I had mentioned in my latest 7QT about how I was hoping for a new cell phone. So, on Saturday hubby took us to Best Buy and got me an IPhone 4s (just like his), we got me on a reasonable plan. The best part was the phone was free. I am really digging this IPhone, but I will say this will not transform me into a Mac girl. I am always going to be a PC girl at heart.

One of my favorite little things with IPhone is the FaceTime, which we learned takes Data so husband and I will not use it as much unless we have WiFi where ever we are at. If you have a IPhone what is your favorite thing about it?


The Woman in the White Jacket was the Interviewer.  Credit: Google Image Search

The Woman in the White Jacket was the Interviewer.
Credit: Google Image Search

As I was watching Bode Miller’s after event interview I could not help but want to scream. I had blown up the social media outlets I am a part of after watching it. I cannot seem to find a full excerpt of interview. If you did see it, you would have noticed the interviewer keeps asking questions that focuses on his thoughts with his brother’s death.

I did not know that professional journalism was in bed with tabloid methods. In my opinion I would have been asking about his run, his emotions as he was watching each competitor after him; but no she had to keep pushing about his dead brother would feel about him winning bronze, do you believe your brother was watching from above, and other questions of the like.

It was uncalled for and unprofessional, and what happens just like tabloids love: Miller crying in grieving loss of his younger brother. I wanted to smack the interviewer. I personally, said a silent prayer to Miller, his brother, and his family; but he did not have to go through that questioning.

Anyone agree with me?


2 thoughts on “New Hair, New Phone, and Bode Miller–Quick Takes of Monday Vol. 1

  1. I didn’t see the interview, but I think that’s generally par for the course, especially with something like the Olympics: you want the big emotional reaction, so you go for the things that are going to incur that reaction. Since I didn’t see it I can’t say if it was too much on her part, but I do think that’s general journalistic practice when you’re doing a feature–you want the emotion, in order to hook the reader/viewer. You do have to be careful that you don’t drive the reader/viewer away with too much, however.

    • It really was not a feature, it was like those after event interview (think when a sports journalist talking to a coach when the 2nd Quarter finishes and they are going back to the locker’s for Halftime). I know that people have jobs and such, but that interview was unlike any of the other interviews. It is just difficult to explain. If I had a video of the interview it might be easier for me to explain.

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