Lent is Coming

LentIt is difficult to believe that February will come and go and boom: Lent will be here. And as my husband will mentioned (if he could on this blog), “Advent hasn’t even ended and you are already thinking about Lent.” And it is true, I do start thinking about Lent early. It is complicated of why such a suffering time would be considered my favorite time of the liturgical years, especially trying to explain it to non-Catholics or even some Catholics who I have met. There is just something that makes Lent special for me. (For I know it is a special time in the Church.)

After much contemplation I have decided on what I am giving up initially: Kneel-er (of course), Secular Books, but something I am adding is actually something new and I want to thank Cristina for it; this new thing I am giving up is No Social Media Sunday. Now, this will be interesting for there are many times I am never online on Sundays, but I also do not have a phone so I cannot text and the like. So, this might pose the huge impact I am hoping, but if I get a cell phone before Ash Wednesday than it will have more an impact.

I know I might not be the only one, but I always add when Holy Week rolls around. This year I want to also give up during Holy Week: Secular Music, One Meal a Day, and Secular Television. These additions are really to help myself to be reminded that I must focus more and more on what Our Lord did for us and what He still does for us.

So, do you have any idea what you are giving up during Lent? If so and willing to share post a comment.



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