7 Quick Takes Vol. 28

Hosted by ConversionDiary

Hosted by ConversionDiary


This week has been a disaster in what I had planned. I should say that I had a good plan, work more on my blogs, clean the house, walk Maggie more, and cook some good meals. NOPE, had to get a sinus cold, a severe one at that. Of course, my husband had caught something one of his shipmates had (most likely a head cold), it has passed (was in his system probably for 3 days or so). I was already noticing something was wrong.

Many of those who know me real well know I get sinus colds in the Summertime, for reasons I have no idea other than heat. Or I get the sinus colds because temperatures fluctuate and I do not mean say 100 to 40 or even 30 degrees it happens more with 10 degrees or maybe 20 degrees difference than what I was dealing with at the time. I have a difficult time explaining this to even myself.

Anyways, so Monday morning I notice some draining, not much. I thought ‘okay, it will be okay’. Went along with what I was going to do, which was read another book. As I was reading the book though I noticed I was getting headaches and feeling almost like my head weighed more than it did when I woke up. I, of course finished the book, but noticed that I was freezing (even though I was curled up in a good comforter) and my under my nails the skin was during a purplish-blue. That worried me a bit. I told husband and he just told me it was okay and go to back to sleep.

What happened later confirmed I had a sinus cold, I was clogged, and feeling light-headed. It was not pretty, husband can testify to that.


Many might not know this but when I am not feeling well I am a technophobe. I do not even want a phone near me. As I said to my husband when I mentioned this: ‘I live in the stone age when I am ill’. And it is true, I had not looked Facebook, Twitter, or even Blogs. I did not answer the phone if it rang or even wanna watch something on television or a movie. But, then again I do not want to read or write or do anything when I am sick. Still people would think that because we are from this Century no one would dare want to be disconnected from the “real world”.


Another observation when I am sick and my husband laughs at this one: I am cynical and have no filter from my thoughts to my mouth. It is no joke, it seems that I get to be more like that when I am sick. I mean the filter is I will almost never speak my mind outright especially to opinions I feel are not what I deem nice to say. Such things like ‘I am just not going to argue with you on that’….I normally would never say, but with this sinus cold I will have that tendency to say such things.


So, how am I feeling now? I am feeling better than I was on Monday or Tuesday, but still dealing with the stuffy nose and soreness of drainage and coughing I have done at night. I am taking Dayquil and Nyquil, plus drinking at least one glass of orange juice. St. Blaise, pray for me.


In other news, Maggie our puppy is going to be 7 months in 10 days! It is crazy to think how much she has grown up. Right now as I am writing this she is sleeping on one of the chairs.

One of my favorite photos of Maggie I have ever taken of her.

One of my favorite photos of Maggie I have ever taken of her.


My reading goal is going well, I have read 21 books so far this year. I have actually seven books stacked up beside me that need to be read and I have made the mind of reading them by January 31st. I hope I do it.

It did make me think about something, I read fiction books pretty fast, but when I get into my religious books I slow down almost taking two days to read one book. Why? I have contemplated on this and the answer that seems to constantly come up is I want to sink the information in and I mean sink. Yes, I remember what I read in the fiction books that I read in a day, but religious books not so much, so I think that is why I take it slowly when it comes to reading them.


Quizzes, don’t ya love them? Good friend Cristina (well she is a new good friend and Dominican Laysister) posted something on Facebook linking to Jane Austen Quiz of which character you were. I, of course wanted to take it. I normally get Elizabeth Bennett from Pride and Prejudice or Anne Elliot from Persuasion. The results? I am Anne Elliot from Persuasion.


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