Random Update On A Sunday

Since the 15th it has kind of been a blur to me; blaming it all my husband’s schedule. It doesn’t just do things for him (I mean he has the worst of it), but me as well. Little was accomplished in my prayer life, I do not know what happened. Cannot let this pull me back into the darkness that I went through since coming here to New York.

Even though that was not accomplished, I did accomplish something awesome: read four books in a week. I think that calls for celebration if you ask me. Finished all the library books (so it means I can turn them in without regretting I did not read them all) and two books that a friend loaned me. I still have two books (I think) left to read, but knowing me I will have more before I leave New York.

Another thing accomplished was my cooking blog is up-to-date, cannot say how nice it is for me to be writing again my thoughts and opinions of the recipes I share with everyone. Hopefully in the next week or so I will be post a few more things.

Maggie gave me a scare this past week as well. I thought she had a tick on her, but instead it was a cluster of scabs around her neck. Found out when she was scratching her neck she was cutting into her skin, which caused her to itch it more in the end making it build up and feel like a tick. I freaked out because I have been so caution. I am just grateful that she did not have a tick. Maggie also decided that she would be scared of her water bowl. She had been lately been freaking out over the bowl (probably for a few weeks) so I found her puppy bowl and put water in it, she drank from that. Does anyone else think it is weird?

I finally got all my Christmas cards out, I know I did not get everyone one, but we do not have that much money. So I do apologize right now, my only hope is next I will be able to get more cards out. But, I will say I thank everyone who has sent me a card to my home and the presents. (Do not worry I will give a detailed blog on those later this week.)

That is all I wish to write about right now, but this week is going to be busy. So please pray for me.

God bless,

Nikita, o.p.



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