Unable To Go To Mass, But Still Wearing The Veil #VeilProject

As many of you know today is Gaudete Sunday, the third week of Advent. For some of those who are a part of the Veil Project they are wearing pink veils to honor such an occasion. I find that it might become a tradition for many and I hope I can join in next year or whenever into that tradition.

Gaudete Sunday for me this year has been interesting.


Well, if you are living in the Northeast and look outside your window like I am, you will see the results of Winter Storm Electra. Where I live we got at least ten to eleven inches.

Because of that, a problem arose, how will I get to Mass? I could not walk to the nearest parish, for the paths I have to take there are no sidewalks and with drivers being crazy, it would not be safe for me to go. I could ask someone to take me but many are trying to dig out their cars. What about my husband? Well, he is in the military and has a job to do even if it is Sunday.

Where does that leave me? 

This is the second time since I moved here that I have been unable to go to Mass. The first, I made it to the nearest parish, but I got really sick and had to leave before Mass began. I know I am given a dispensation, but that should not stop me from participating in the Mass.

Thankfully, through new technology we, Catholics who cannot attend are able to use things like: Radio, Internet, or even Television to participate in the Holy Mass. Yes, we cannot receive the Eucharist, but we will be ‘there’. So, I knew that my home diocese’s cathedral, St. Joseph’s have a live broadcast of the Sunday Mass on a local radio station that streams live online.

What does this Catholic Girl do? 

I will tell you. I set everything up for me to listen to the live stream. I opened a tab to have the readings of the Mass in front of me, got my Roman Missal Companion from Magnificat, laid out my Rosary, and got my black scarf.

Why my black scarf?

I use that black infinity scarf as my veil. Though I knew I was not at Mass, I knew I was spiritually participating in the Mass. With that logic I knew I had to cover my head. I will say when I have my ‘veil’ on I felt and knew I was at Mass. (Crazy huh?)

Finally, when Mass began I did everything I would do at Mass: Stand, Cross, Respond, Sit, Recite, Kneel, and Pray. And at the end of the Mass, I felt I had not missed Mass.

I pray and hope everyone’s Gaudete Sunday was a joyful and blissful one.

God Bless,

Nikita, o.p.3

Personal Note: Due to a discussion through Facebook, this is no way shape or form a way to get out of going to Mass. My expressions in this post may suggest that I feel this is a way to say I went to Mass, no I am saying I felt spiritual ok though I know I could not attend Mass. (Does that make any sense?)


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