Five Favorites Vol. 16

Hosted by: MoxieWife

Hosted by: MoxieWife


Dominican Rosary

I love praying the Rosary the Dominican, and not because I am a Dominican Laywoman. There is this sense of simplicity that gets me every time I pray the Rosary in this way. Plus, there is also the movements of crossing your mouth as you ask the Lord to ‘open my lips’.


Divine Mercy Chaplet

I had needed to get back to praying this chaplet; for the significance of it for me. With my husband being in the military this Chaplet I feel will help ease those moments of fear or worry when he is deployed. But, it is also this Chaplet helps me contemplate more of Our Lord upon the Cross dying for us.


Chaplet of the Seven Sorrows of Mary

Back when I was living in Ohio I met a couple with my ‘grandmother’ (she is not my real grandmother, but she was a parishioner who treated me like her granddaughter) they handed me an interesting Rosary. It was not a Rosary, but a religious item use to pray the Seven Sorrows of Our Lady of Sorrows. I do not know why I have this thing for sorrow, but I feel a sense of longing when it comes to the sorrowful mysteries of the Rosary or touching a crucifix. I love the contemplations I get from reciting this Chaplet, the Rosary, and Divine Mercy.


Veil Project

Have you heard about? If you have not, check the link? Do you feel that yearn of wearing a veil or covering during Mass or Adoration? This Project is to help those who are discerning or are wear a veil or cover. To show you that you are not alone, but this also helps let others understand why it is making a great comeback or why some would even want to.



I wrote a comment on Hallie’s blog entry about this. I got the exciting surprise with an email and then a look in my bank account. It looks like when I ended my Prime Membership on Amazon they gave me a refund of my payment I made a year ago. I cannot tell how much I needed that money. That was one great surprise.


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