The Veil Project Has Begun


This picture was taken last Sunday.

As I had mentioned in last Sunday post, during this season of Advent I am participating in a most interesting and I think, fantastic project: The Veil Project.

For right now I will be using my infinity scarf as my veil. (As I mentioned before the veil I do have just will not stay on my head, even with pins.) One of the biggest things I have learned since I began just last Sunday was I am getting stared at for wearing my scarf as a cover.

Mind you I am not feeling like it is distracting at all. I just feel they are either amazed, shocked, or just plain dumbfounded. In this diocese I have met so few women here who wear a covering let along a veil. (And it is not a law that you should.)

This past Sunday I was speaking to my husband who was in a way venting over the parish we go to. I then spoke about how he felt about me wearing a veil. He said he liked it, but also never noticed I had it on. It caused a discussing of why I love veils in a deeper way than they just feel right. (For they do, even if my veil right now is a scarf.)

I feel that wearing a covering or a veil is a great way for me to show my total submission to God’s Love. This might not be the true reasons behind the veils but for me that is what I contemplated (in the very noisy Church). I wear this as my external sign that I am submitting.

For many readers they would say submitting can be a bad thing. And yes, certain ways submission is completely bad or unhealthy for a person. But, are we not to be trusting towards God? So, why not express that not in just words, but through our actions and external selves, for we are body and soul, not just soul.

I cannot wait until this next coming Sunday. Anyone else participating in the Veil Project, if you are and you are on Twitter remember to tag: #VeilProject let this become the trend on Twitter.

God Bless,




8 thoughts on “The Veil Project Has Begun

  1. Nikita…glad we are all joined by this common endeavor! I am so looking forward to reading everyone’s reflections…each one is unique which makes it so lovely..each individual soul : )

  2. Good for you..I know exactly what you mean, I just started wearing a veil three weeks ago. I but so many looks too, either I’ll get used to the looks or they will get used to the veil! God bless!

  3. I love your thought on it being an act of submission. Here’s how I look at it. Jesus committed the ultimate act of submission, allowing himself to be tortured at killed at the hands evil men. If he submits to the worst possible thing, then we too need to practice submission at times. Not that we need to put ourselves in harm’s way as did the Son of God, but it’s more about the act of “submitting” and obedience rather than who is right or wrong. If we can learn to submit to another, even when they’re wrong, we have accomplished much and we can offer that up to God. Here is my veil project post:

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