Five Favorites Vol. 15

Hosted by: MoxieWife

Hosted by: MoxieWife


TheMakeUpChair Blog

I was never taught how to wear make-up, I mean yes, my step-mom and sometimes friends of mine put make-up on me; but never did I LEARN how to. It was after I graduated from High School that I would push for learning. I have always been nervous and doubting myself. (Low self-esteem is one of the main reasons for this.) But, this past year I have been watching a YouTube Channel where a young woman was giving a tutorials of how to put on makeup. If you seen in some of the photos I have posted I am becoming more and more confident in my ability of wearing makeup. I highly recommend reading her blog, that she gives tips and explains some of the methods she uses.


A New Blog Friend and Dominican Lay-Sister

Recently, I have struck a new friendship with a wonderful woman, she is a Catholic-Convert Blogger. Should I mention the other plus is she is another Dominican Lay-Sister?! We have hit it off to a great and wonderful journey, and I surely give thanks to the Holy Spirit working those interesting ways of helping me through my journey. It was hilarious afterwards she learned that one of my best-friends was a good online friend of hers. “Shut the front door” XD Cristina had to do that!


The Batman Nerd Coming Through

So many favorites on this part, from finding the soundtrack for Batman: Mask of the Phantasm to soundtracks to Batman: Returns and Batman: Arkham City. (Yes, I love move soundtracks and scores something about them just make my day!)


Maggie and a Marshmallow World

Here is Maggie, snow on her nose, for she just kept her nose on the ground. LOL she loves the cold weather!

Here is Maggie, snow on her nose, for she just kept her nose on the ground. LOL she loves the cold weather!

Yes, I posted this photo in a previous entry (CWA Vol. 11 Issue 26) but I cannot help but show off my puppy’s first experience with snow! I was throwing snowballs at her and she was trying to catch them. She doesn’t roll in the snow, but that will take time. But I can say I won the battle of the fact Maggie likes winter! But, when she was playing in the snow for the first time I could not stop humming this tune:

And it has yet to get out of my head, which is fine with me! Winter baby in me is happy!!!


New Liturgical Resolutions

Just before I wrote this entry, I posted about making resolutions for this coming Liturgical Year. I thought it would be fun seeing if anyone would hop on the bandwagon with this. Plus, it is a favorite because well, there are rare times I come up with interesting ideas!

Have a great Wednesday!




3 thoughts on “Five Favorites Vol. 15

  1. I LURVE (new word for ya) numbers 2. and 5.

    And you are my new little rock star too! Now shut the windows and the doors!!!!!

    Blushing here. I know you are going to make me a better Dominican Lay-Sister.

    Thrilled to bits! Cristina

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