I will try to put it in the best way possible.

A few hours back I had the wonderful job of blocking a tweet. Why? Well, I had posted a few hours even before that this line: I am not a Feminist, but an Advocate for Femininity’. Of course, many would argue (even to a degree, me) that in terminologies they are just the same. Yet, they are not.

How do you argue such a crude statement, many might ask? When I say ‘Feminist’ honestly what do you picture? I can tell you I picture (Now let me remind people this is not all women, remember that.) :

  • Burning Bras
  • Angry Women
  • Pro-Abortion
  • A Woman MUST be able to DO EVERYTHING a MAN can
  • Cares only for themselves and wants everyone to make it all about them, especially in a marriage
  • You can do whatever you want, unless it is against me

Tell me if I am wrong, for growing up that is what I knew Feminist meant and was. But, when I say ‘Femininity’ this is what I picture:

  • Women who believe women should have equality, but understand that sexes are different and better skills than the other in certain things. (I am not saying a woman cannot do a man’s job, I am saying some jobs for the psychology of a woman just does not work, those women who can they are few and far between.)
  • Pro-Life and Pro-Family
  • Who doesn’t make a marriage one-sided, but works hard to have a balance within the marriage
  • A heck of a lot nicer even if I do not agree with their opinions.

How could I not want to say ‘I am an Advocate for Femininity’? Now, you have to understand I am not saying EVERY SINGLE WOMAN fits what I just described on either side; some of us are more leaning towards one or the other. But, I wanted to vent out my frustration on why I feel a difference needs to be pointed out. Because I am tired of the ‘Feminist’ saying I am ‘Anti-Woman’ because I do not follow what they stand for. Gosh!

Please every one have a goodnight!




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