7 Quick Takes Vol. 24

Hosted by ConversionDiary

Hosted by ConversionDiary


How interesting this week has been. To begin with I was unable to attend Sunday Mass. I actually tried to go to Mass, but as I was sitting in the parish that is closet to me sitting in the room where the Tabernacle is located I began to get sick. I tried to stay as long as I could but ten minutes before Mass I could take it I needed to get home. So I walked all the back to my house. I worried that I was in grave sin, for I have never missed a Sunday Mass before. Thankfully talking to my Godmother, Camille and my good friend, Em I was able to know that I was not in grave Sin.


Also this week, I began Dog-sitting. One of the Navy wives I know needed me to watch her two-year-old Husky, named Luna. Of course, I never mind watching Luna for her and Maggie (my now five-month-old pup) get along. Since Tuesday Luna has come over early in the morning and how Maggie loves seeing Luna when she just woke up. (Which positive note: my puppy has learned that certain times at night is sleep time, so will sleep all night. That is a plus.) Luna will be with us until next week.


Speaking about Maggie, she and my neighbor’s dog, Odin are playing an interesting game. It is where Odin will drop one of his toys by the little hole at the fence and he will try to get Maggie to pull it from under the fence. Maggie would in turn play with the toy and then come back to the fence and drop it at the hole and see if Odin will get it. It is quite humorous maybe one day I will record the game.


Thanksgiving is just around the corner. I can say finally I will be putting together Thanksgiving dinner! I am unsure how many people will be attending, but I am excited about it. (In another post I will write out my Menu…probably on my other blog.)


While the United States is remembering and honoring President Kennedy after fifty years of his untimely death, but today fifty years ago another great man passed away: C.S. Lewis. 


I am loving my DVR. Literally, because a good many times I forget when things are being aired I hate missing some good shows. (Plus, there are so many good shows I would love to watch, but I really need not to be a couch potato).


Wet weather here in NY reminds me that a higher chance of a strong winter. I remember it was always a toss-up in Ohio when it was a very wet November or even early December. It normally met 8 out of 10 times that the winter was going to be a doozy. Mind you I am okay with that, but that means I need to really get my Emergency Kit together.


People, including my husband have asked: what do you want for Christmas? And honestly I have no clue what I want. Every time I think about it I think what does the house need. I think one of the things I would like for myself is a smart phone. I am learning that having that is a helpful tool, not just for social media, but for one of my blogs or a grocery list (because many times I well forget the list) or even knowing what coupons are on my Commissary Card. (Because who would want to waste paper to print out the list of the coupons you have uploaded.) Another thing is gift cards would be nice because I can then use them for buying clothing and not have people worried if I would like the present. But, in all honestly most of the things I think about is: Kitchen Mixing Bowls, Bathroom Towels, Blankets (throws), Shampooer, Stand Alone Mixer, Blender, more Pots and Pans, more knives, cutting boards, and things like that. Is that sad?


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