7 Quick Takes Vol. 23

Hosted by ConversionDiary

Hosted by ConversionDiary


Talk about come backs. I feel very excited and anxious over my come back of blogging in my personal blog. This will hopefully be a good start back. I think as I mentioned in a previous post on why it has been difficult; it was Monday or was it Sunday…either way that one of the main problems I have is trying to convey what is going on inside my mind. It is almost like writer’s block is always switched on. It is quite annoying for me.

I am hoping by next month the other blog sites I have either created or co-created will be up and running again. As I said I need to keep it up!


My Husband complimented me on something. Of course my husband gives me tons of compliments when they are well deserved, but this one is a little special and surprised me. He was reading some of my blog entries and said the latest one I wrote he felt was the best grammatical he had ever read. (On my blogs) He knows I have no confidence what-so-ever when it comes to my writing, for growing up my school system though one of the highest ranking school districts failed to really teach grammar or pound into our brains (to focus on passing test scores and gearing our minds to sciences and math). When I write something on my blog, I worry over it for days after the publish until my friend Em or my husband look at it. Let us hope (for my sake) that I get better.


Speed Star 1.1394450  00Have I mentioned how big my Maggie has been getting? This is one of the most recent of pictures I have taken of my now 5-month old puppy, Maggie. When I took her to the vet last Saturday the vet kind of shocked me. She told me there is a big possibility that Maggie will max at a weight of 60lbs! Mind you I am use to huge dogs, but I just did not expect that. Then again, Maggie did grow a lot in just four days I left her at a friend’s house. We are blaming on cat food though! (Inserting laughter)


Those four days that Maggie was at a friend’s house my husband and I went to Connecticut.  Going to Connecticut was for a few reasons but really the main one was: if we are stationed in Connecticut I want to know beforehand what the base is like. I mean why not, it is a good opportunity to know about it, right? It was a lot of fun, but also it was great time for my relationship with my husband and with my Catholic faith. I think overall it helped deepen both.

Had my husband stand next to a replica of the Bushnell Turtle, the first functional Submarine. Used in 1776.

Had my husband stand next to a replica of the Bushnell Turtle, the first functional Submarine. Used in 1776.


I am unsure if I have mentioned this in any of my previous blog entries but I reached my goal of reading a 100 books in one year. It is sort of amazing how it feels to say I read that many books, it also helped solidify that I have not lost my love for reading. During 2011 through 2012 I had really slipped in the reading department. I could make many excuses, but I think the problem was I could not escape as I did in former years when I was dealing with a ton of stress. This year on the other hand was stressful (with two moves and understanding the Navy life) but I was able to find my outlet through books again. I had time for them or really time to escape into the worlds that are created through the stories. My only wonder is how far over I will get from my goal before December 31st, any guesses?


Am I the only one who finds it funny that when I am asked what I want for Christmas I think what my house needs not what I want? I think it is. My husband told me a few days ago that my father-in-law wanted to know what I would like for Christmas. Instantly what pops through is more towels and dish towels or mixing bowls. I mean that is just funny, of course I have told my husband that I really want a Smartphone (I have never had one, but I think it is about time I get one), but honestly I just cannot think of what I want for myself. Is that something that happens when you get married? Just wondering….


I end this 7QT in hopes of returning with another next week. I ask that all of you pray for me as I try to keep up with my blogging.

God Bless,



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