Five Favorites Vol. 13

Hosted by: MoxieWife

Hosted by: MoxieWife

It has been a while since I had done one of these. Well, let us hope I can still do it! Lol, just kidding I believe it is like riding a bike. It looks like this time around it almost all about television shows. 


The Latest Episode of NCIS

One of the marvelous things the writers of NCIS did was make one of my all-time favorite characters get their moment and not kill off the character that was leaving. It was more like an open-ended thing, which could be concluded that the actress might come back for random episodes. Which I will proclaim now is AWESOME! My only concern is with them of course bringing a new character into the nucleus I want them to finally leave my Tony alone for a while. All I am saying is he loves Ziva and just because he accepted (in a way) her decision to not come back with him doesn’t mean he will just up and move on quickly to the next chick. (If you get my point.) Let us hope they are kind to me.


Sleepy Hollow

I am not one for horror shows and very rarely will I watch anything remotely close to it unless I can say it is purely fiction or I would not see it coming into the near future. This new series which a friend of mine suggested to me I am finding interesting and probably because it deals with the American Revolutionary War. (They got me with that!) While it is more dealing with darker themes I watched my first episode last night (I pre-recorded it) and I was hooked. I cannot explain entirely why I like maybe after a few more episodes.


Big Bang Theory

I know it has been on for a while, but normally when it was on I was without a television, working, or at Adoration and never pre-recorded it. Finally last week I saw my very first full episode. I can see why many of my friends love to the show. I am hooked!


Maggie, Maggie, Maggie

One of my favorite photos I have taken of my puppy.

One of my favorite photos I have taken of my puppy.

My cute little puppy has grown to over 14 pounds and maybe a few inches. She knows how to sit and RARELY goes the bathroom in the house and rarely destroys the house. (Unless it is her chew toys.)


Hymnal for the Liturgy of the Hours by the Dominicans

I am so excited about this and will speak with my husband about getting this when it finally is put in print.


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