7 Quick Takes Vol. 21

Hosted by ConversionDiary

Hosted by ConversionDiary


Another Friday has come and soon will be gone. Not a lot of things happened, but what did happen will be put on this 7QT.


My great-grandmother is in the hospital. It was Monday morning that I got the Facebook message from my mother that my great-grandmother who I once lived with was going to be staying a few days in the hospital. The last time I spoke with my great-grandmother was on Saturday and she said something about how she was having a difficult time breathing as if she was stuffed up. She thought as well as I it could be she was not getting enough air in her room. (She has been in a lot pain since her one hip decided to start causing her trouble and so she stays in bed more often than not.)

Well, on Sunday she could not take any more of the difficulties and called the squad (Normally Granny would not call or go to the ER unless she felt it was necessary). The ER doctors took a chest x-ray of her and found she had fluid in her lungs, not a lot (they even said she got there early enough where it was minor, it could have been worst) and then they noticed her heart was slightly enlarged.

They decided to keep her at the hospital for a few days. After all the tests they took on my 91…I mean 19-year-old Granny a heart doctor said she had a heart attack within the last 6-12 months. She was shocked but also confused about this (as am I).

As far as I know my Granny is still there, they are doing more tests and even wanting to keep an eye on her. So, I ask you to keep her in your prayers.


This coming Saturday of dog hunting is not happening. My husband decided to pull the rug from under me and tell me that we cannot go dog hunting. Am I upset? Yes. Am I angry with him? Yes. Can I do anything else about it? No.

Some would wonder why I want a dog and the best reason I can give you is I want that companionship that dogs can give especially to a very quiet and bare home. Quite frankly, I am one who has lived with dogs all my life (them and kids) so when they are not in my life it seems there is always something missing.

Pretty much I find we will never get a dog. I know my husband says ‘we will one day’ but I have feeling I should just not believe. And no it is not because of my husband it is just the way life goes for me, things just do not happen.

Right now my husband thinks I hate him. No, I do not I am just mad and hurt. I figure he would be that way if I pulled something under the rug of something he was so hoping for.


I went to the Racetrack this past week. As part of a FRG (Family Readiness Groups) event, I and I think about six other Navy Families (maybe there were eight…sorry the headache is really not helping with my memory) to the Saratoga Springs Racetrack.

No, not NASCAR, but in fact horses. The only horse track I have been to is the Scioto Downs near my hometown. And that one is the Cart-pulled horse races, while this track is for what you see at the Kentucky Derby.

Going to this event we were able to get a tour of the backstretch aka the stables. It was really cool watching the horses getting ready for the day that including training for the next race. Most of the Jockeys and Trainers we met on the tour were quite kind, which is something I have heard stories about that say otherwise.

I am very grateful to one of the wives who took me to the Racetrack she was really kind and she had three beautiful children. 🙂


Yesterday was the solemnity of the Assumption of Mary. With that being said it is one of those times you just have to go to Mass no matter what day it falls under (unless you are military or other exemptions are there). So, that meant I had to go to a parish.

I really do not want to ever go to that parish EVER again. I will post about it later actually, just know I think it is just a darn trend here in this area that their parishes are just oh my gosh terrible. (For those who feel otherwise I am sorry I offend you.)


Found out walking from that parish to my house is the same amount of time as it took me to walk to and from work back in my hometown. Which I thought was awesome for me. I think the distance is a little longer than what I would walk to work, but I still got home about the same amount of time. I think my only problem is some of the parts of the route I have to take are not paved and are pretty close to the road. It can be scary for a bit, but once you get use to it and I would say I was fine.


That is all for today. Until next time have a good weekend.


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