Catholic Woman’s Almanac Vol. 7 Issue 30

::Moments of Gratitude::

Places with WiFi hotspots.

The SSPL for having the book I have been looking for in over two months.

A Cafe in the library.


When should I begin reading this book I loan from the library.

What type of bangs should I get.


For the Church

For all those in the Clergy

For Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI

For Pope Francis

For all those in Religious Life

For the Dominican Order

For those discerning their vocations

For all young adults

For the pro-life and pro-marriage cause

For all those in the military and their families

For the unborn and their families

For all those who are ill

For all those who are lonely

For all those who have died

For Irene Beaver

For Rita Unverzagt.


Unsure if I am cooking dinner tonight or not.


My black stretchy capris, a one tank, a green-and-white striped shirt and tan flats.


Well the SSPL (Saratoga Springs Public Library) and then probably taking a walk with my husband about the base housing.


Midwife of the Blue Ridge Mountains by Christine Blevins and 1776 by David McCullough.

::Around the House::

Cleaning the house a bit before the Cable guy comes or the maintance people.

::Looking Ahead::

Tomorrow hopefully I will have internet, cable, and phone back and running. Also tomorrow means hopefully getting a washer and dryer, then next week our POD coming so we can have our stuff (no more air mattresses).



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