Just For Fun-The Top Ten Favorite RPGs I Have Played

I decided that I should do some fun entries! It is Saturday, looks like it will rain and well I only have to work on cleaning the house a bit. So, I thought why not give my top ten favorite RPGs that I have actually played. I will say I am not putting them in order of ABSOLUTE favorites, because many of these games tie in being number one, so yeah.


Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time

When Nintendo 64 first came out one of the only things I cared about what the latest Zelda game. Zelda was one of the first RPGs I played as a child. The reason this game is on my favorite list was for a few reasons:

1. It was Zelda for goodness sake!

2. The plot was interesting.

3. Fighting gameplay was awesome.

4. Duh, the tunes for the Ocarina were catchy and cool.

Ocarina of Time was actually the only game I played on N64 and the Cube. It would probably no doubt be the only reason I would even want a DS-3D, just so I could play that awesome game again.


Final Fantasy IV

When they re-released this game on the PSP I actually squealed. This RPG was what began my love relationship with Square Equix.

If you have never played any of the Final Fantasy games, think Dungeon and Dragons with a twist of their own kind of fantasy and plot. Characters in this game were interesting and the little twists always (and still do in fact) surprise me.

I still hope that Square will re-release this with updated graphics and maybe the option of either playing ATB or free-fighting they would have me actually waiting in line for it. (I am not kidding, I actually waited for the game store that was near OSU campus to open so I could purchase the game the first day it was released.)


Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars

No one ever expected this game and actually just a few minutes ago looking for a video of the game I found out that Nintendo and Square Equix came together to create this game. What made this game so different was for the first time a Mario game was created into a ATB (Action Turn Base) RPG.

When I first played this game, I was always a Mario fan, it was mindless for me when I played the other versions of Mario. With this game though Mario felt more real for me, he was not just a hero, but an actual character.

What also made this game awesome was well the graphics were awesome and funny little things that happened especially to poor Browser.


Legend of Dragoon

This RPG has received little attention from mainstream, when in the opinion of this gamer it should have. Legend of Dragoon was a Sony game that tried to take some of the glory away from the Final Fantasy franchise. In a way with the cult they sort of succeeded.

What makes this game one of my favorite? I would say the way the game battle tactics worked, I mean I was one of those who loved to build up my characters levels, so I would fight a lot of small battles. With that being said, what this game did was I did not have to feel that I killed every last monster in that area, it would signal it.

Another reason I liked was the story. It was not trying to be like Final Fantasy, but more of a Dungeon and Dragon (with a more emphasises on Dragons) feel. And the characters were diverse and never generic I thought. When I play this game, which I am looking to find it again I always feel connected to the characters, especially one.


Final Fantasy IX

Just like Legend of Dragoon, Final Fantasy IX is one of those games that just get a lot of attention as say: Final Fantasy VII.

FFIX was much different from the other FF games, it had more of a chibi-like atmosphere, but it nothing all cheery and smiles. The game was quite complex and every character had a deep back story.

One of the huge things that also made it a favorite of mine was not just the characters, but the music. Nobuo Uematsu is one of my favorite composers of all time, his way of create a scene with just a few notes is just amazing to me.


Kingdom Hearts

For someone like me it was like putting together apple pie and ice cream. Kingdom Hearts was the best of the two favorite things: Final Fantasy and Disney! Who would have thought this game would bring so many people to know Square Equix or fall in love with Disney.

The graphics are amazing! The music amazing! The characters are interesting! And the best part is if you are junkie like me on FF and Disney I can pick out certain things that are for what series or movie or a tribute to either.

The game-play for this first one was awesome, but had problems here and there, always happens. But, it is actually I recommend this type of game-play over something like FFXII and advance have (for with that it is just too much and complicated for me to multi-task my way through the battles).


Kingdom Hearts II

Alright, you should have known this was coming. If I have played the first and loved it, you would know I would be all over the idea of playing the second one. (Heck, when the third one comes out, you know I will be wanting to play that too.)

Kingdom Hearts II has a better game-play fighting than the first, which is awesome! I think the only thing I hate play is the Little Mermaid section, because well it is just not my cup of tea.

Plus, the opening (which I am posting on here) is awesome, especially one, if you can figure it out post a comment about it. 🙂


Zelda: Link to the Past

What started my RPG journey was actually this game and Final Fantasy IX (at the time for SNES it was titled in US as Final Fantasy II). I learned really how prefect my reading thanks to these two games.

Anyways, this is a favorite because it began it all. I loved how it was not going for one level to the next doing the same thing and never really having an end to the levels. This was an actual story where you how more freedom in the choices you made.

So…this game is in the top for the feeling of gratitude.


Secret of Mana

I have noticed throughout my whole top ten (which even the last one on the list included) almost all of them somehow were created by or were associated with Square Equix.

Secret of Mana was one of those titles that really in the United States never made mainstream. It was a game that was close to the Final Fantasy, except really did not have that deep back story with each character.

I played it a lot also because of the music too. Somehow that is what sometimes got me to play games.


Final Fantasy VIII

Alright, as corny as this sounds but this is the final one of the list and it has to be Final Fantasy VIII. This is one of those games few forget.

Final Fantasy VIII had not only a great music score, great graphics of the time, but out of all the stories of Final Fantasy the most interesting way of giving you a lot options of how your game would go.

Also, it was the first game really for me that I had to really work on thinking about the decisions I made for that is how I got my pay. (no kidding I would lose pay for wrong decisions!)

Well, that is it for my top ten, I am sorry it was not more detailed, but really sometimes it is just you have to play them to figure out why I loved them so much. Another ‘Just For Fun’ entry will be showing up today well, maybe two of them!

Hope you like!


One thought on “Just For Fun-The Top Ten Favorite RPGs I Have Played

  1. Most of those are some of my favourite games (Kingdom Hearts not so much), except Legend of Dragoon – I’ve got it but it’s NTSC and I’m in “Oz”, haven’t figured out how to play it yet. Like that list though – FF8 is still in my top 3 favourite FF games. IMO FF4 through to FF10, plus the original Crystal Chronicles are the best FFs .

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