7 Quick Takes Vol. 19

Hosted by ConversionDiary

Hosted by ConversionDiary


I really need to stop waiting to write until Friday. I mean I love writing these, but I need to work on my thoughts more when they happen not when I am trying to remember what happen during the week or what should be written here. I know there are certain readers who like reading what is going on with me (with as much as I am allowed to tell, reminder or for those who are new to my blog, I am a Navy wife and that means I will not write about EVERYTHING in my life, because for the safety of my husband, myself, and my family (the Navy) I have to protect in my own way) and I want to say that the energy to write an entry or even the thought of writing is almost a back-burner feeling especially these past few weeks.


Happy to announce something though! Em (my good friend back in Ohio) and I have decided to bring back to life our book club blog. If anyone does not remember I am the co-founder of the former TBG (Three Bookish Girls), when I moved down to Charleston, I wanted to do something with the blog and so I tried (but lost the energy) to write in it again. Alas, Em and I decided a “Spring Cleaning” was to be made and well I present Our Book Club: The Literary Garden. While it is still in the works of “Spring Cleaning” we will be officially starting it up in July. Check us out, and maybe you would like to help us the beautiful garden of literature!


Volunteering is going great! And actually though it is Saturday tomorrow will be my one month volunteering at FFSC. I have only the regret that I did not do this sooner. I found myself saying this a lot especially this past Wednesday at the workshop I was a participate. If I had started volunteering sooner, I would have been able to know more about my Navy Life. I think I can put blame on the dumb fact I am socially awkward, where I have no idea how to start a conversation let alone feel confident in my abilities to not sound like a stupid person. I will hopefully later tonight write an entry (if the energy is there) on the workshop where I had to speak.


The husband knows how to surprise me. Yesterday, when I was going back to the volunteer office and pretty much deciding it would probably be time to leave because there was really nothing else I would be able to do guess who decided to come for a visit? My husband got out of work early and felt he should come and see if I was still at FFSC. It was a surprise, but of course I loved the surprise. (No, I did not jump on him…wonder if I will do that after our first deployment adventure…) One of the things I think I am good at is embarrassing my husband. What did I do? Well, decided to show him to the staff that was still there. I could see his ears were getting a bit red. I love him so much, but I love showing him that I cannot help but talk about him.


There is something I am not a fan of here in Charleston…HEAT with HUMIDY! It really bugs with my body to where I just feel like my energy is shot. I mean yeah I am sweating, but that doesn’t bother me, it is more I am bothered by the fact I have no energy, and I get headaches. My husband on the other hand is all happy about the weather. We are so opposites! I will get use to this, I will try to get use to this. Until then I will try to endure this!


Oh I almost forgot…something else happened this week too! I went to a brief provided by NWS Charleston on preparing for Hurricanes. You know, well I think all of you know I am a Ohioan, so Hurricanes never happen in my home-state. I get the effect-storms of a hurricane but that is it. This brief mainly focused on how to the base would handle with a hurricane, but also help us be prepared for hurricanes since well Navy lives in the port cities. Husband and I are going to be working on getting a kit and plan together since this our first official Hurricane Season, but never our last.


This weekend a possibility to see a movie. Husband and I talked about it, maybe we would go see ‘Man of Steel’ even though I am nervous of how they will portray Superman (I am not even a Superman fan and yet I hate when things like a whole character’s personality or something is completely changed or altered too much). Who knows, I will in fact write about if I do.


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