Catholic Woman’s Almanac Vol. 6 Issue 10

::Moments of Gratitude::

Finding myself sleeping in the arms of my husband.

Having a good friend like Em.


What will I be doing today at FFSC.


For the Church

For Pope Francis

For Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI

For all those in the Clergy

For all those in Religious Life

For the Dominican Order

For those discerning their vocations

For all young adults

For the Frassati Society of Columbus

For the pro-life and pro-marriage cause

For all those in the military and their families

For the unborn and their families

For all those who are ill

For Rita Unverzagt

For Irene Beaver

For all those who are lonely

For all those who have died.


Hamburger Helper


My nightgown and my grandmother Jackie’s housecoat that I have owned since her passing in 1999.


Fleet and Family Support Center to Volunteer.


Living the Catholic Faith by Archbishop Charles J. Chaput, O.F.M. Cap.

::Wandering Around the Web::

All my wanderings are here.

::Liturgical Living::

It is the tenth week of Ordinary Time.

::Quote from the Saints::

To one who has faith, no explanation is necessary. To one without faith, no explanation is possible.

–Saint Thomas Aquinas, O.P.

::Around the House::

Dishes when I get home from Volunteering.

::Looking Ahead::

Volunteering this week, but also going to the workshop Military Spouse 101 provided by FFSC. (I will helping to set it up too!) Hopefully, the pastor of the Cathedral has gotten my email and my husband and I will be going to a little cocktail party for young married couples this Friday evening.


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