7 Quick Takes Vol. 18

Hosted by ConversionDiary

Hosted by ConversionDiary


The last time I wrote a 7QT was April 27th, WOW! I promise you that was never my intent to stop writing these, but I do not know what happened in May that changed my momentum. Either way I am slowly making a comeback into the blog world. I could blame Sims 3, but that would be stupid for I did not everyday play Sims 3.

Either way, it is unacceptable in my opinion for any reason I could come up with about why I have been lacking, other than I was being lazy.


Speaking about Sims 3…I need to ask my husband if I can purchase one of the worlds from the Sims 3 Store. It is called Dragon Valley and gosh after seeing a few people playing and posting them on Youtube. Watching the gameplay I am just sitting there going oh how great it would be to make some great storylines from this world.

Plus, who would not in their right mind not want Dragon Valley when you know you can put Kilts on your Male Sims! KILTS!!! My husband claims I have fallen into the deep in on this issue, most likely. *Giggles*


Volunteering has been going great! It has been almost a month since I began volunteering at Fleet and Family Support Center (You might if you have me on social media seen FFSC that is what it is spelled out) at NWS Charleston. For the first time since I moved to NWS Charleston I have found what I should be doing. I have met new people and learned so much more about Navy Life.

Next week, I am going to Military Spouse 101, though I have went through both Spouse Indoc and COMPASS I felt it was necessary to go to this one. It was not just because it is sponsored by FFSC, but for the fact I might learn something new about my lifestyle as a Navy Wife. The added bonus is also I will get to meet some new spouses.

I will probably write an entry (though I cannot promise this) on Volunteering so far in the coming days.


I have a list of entries to write. I am not kidding I have a good many topic entries to post. Probably when I am not focused on a project at FFSC I will start typing up entries. Many of them probably will not be updated until I come home from FFSC due to the fact some have pictures!


I have mentioned I am now living in Charleston, SC right? For in the next few hours I will say I have went through my first of probably many tropical storms. Tropical Storm Andrea is actually right now not as strong as I thought it might be. Mind you I am not asking for the Tropical Storm to be strong, but when you are not from the area you tend to think more on the huge scale of things.

Every now and again the wind will pick up. I am almost reminded of the more horrible thunderstorms I use to deal with in Ohio. Or the wind storm of 2009 or was it 2008? All I know is that for weeks after that wind storm I would jokingly say, “I don’t like Ike!” (If you know your history you will know what I reference) Many of those who help at FFSC told me to not risk myself coming in early like I normally do because of the Tropical Storm, but I can tell you if it is just this wind I will be fine walking to the building.


By the end of this month my husband will be graduating from the second phase of his training. I am very excited for him. His training is stressful, but we both know that in the end it will be worth it once he is in the fleet. But, I do ask you keep him in your prayers as he gets closer and closer to the final days of phase two of his training. I promise to take pictures at Graduation and post some here. 🙂


I do not know how many times I will say this, but I need the album, Slipper and the Rose. It is the soundtrack to a movie-musicale from the United Kingdom, I remember as a child watching it on TCM. I fell in love with the songs that I use to hum them all the time. So, when I was sitting at the kitchen last night I began humming one of the tunes. It was really random, but then again I am the one who will sing softly “Yours, Yours, Yours” from 1776 in the most random of times. (No JOKE!) So to honor these two beautifully done Musicales I will present their YouTube Videos here:


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