Five Favorites Vol. 9

Hosted by: MoxieWife

Hosted by: MoxieWife




Oh my gosh, if any of you have not seen the latest episode of NCIS, please watch it. I have always been a huge fan of NCIS, but this last episode is making me worried if I will watch the show anymore. NCIS is known for killing off characters and I understand the reason, but for once try to keep the characters. (I keep thinking of JAG…which reminds me I need to watch that series again, thank you Husband for buying one of the seasons for me!)

I am nervous for next week’s episode, but of course I will watch it.


Sean Murray

This actor plays Special Agent Timothy McGee on NCIS, but while I was looking through some of the pictures of Sean Murray on NCIS I noticed something….he was     Thackery Binx in Hocus Pocus one of my favorite characters in the film! I never knew that (it probably doesn’t help I have not seen the film in so long). But, to tell a little secret, I had a crush on Thackery Binx as kid after I watched the film. Who would guess that I would fall in a character crush with Sean Murray character McGee too! When I found this out I literally said: Sean Murray you have my film/television/theater heart now. I am just a weird child.


The Sims 3 brings us dragons?! 

Yep, you read that right, The Sims 3 is bringing a new world out that has baby Dragons! When looking at the trailer for the newest world to come out (after the expansion pack of Island Paradise) I told my husband that we are needing a desktop. We play more PC games than anything. (He is a fan of Bioshock, War Games like Battleship Pacific while I am Sims 3.) He has agreed doing that would be good for us, and a plus would be our poor laptops would probably run faster after we take those games off them.


Fanfiction and FictionPress

For years since I first going online, I have been a huge fan of these two sites. They are a hub of good stories. It was also that place where I could get my fix on what I would have rather happen in a series/movie/game and the like. These two sites are sisters sites which makes sense, one is devoted to writing based on a series and the like while the other is original works.

Also, FictionPress is where some start their career as authors, and I have found some interesting authors who starting writing and publishing on FP only to then get published by a big company. (Some of these Authors will keep up the first two chapters or something like that and then will link you to their websites or where you can purchase their book.)

If you are wanting to look for something to read, but you do not know what I highly recommend going to these sites, you might some great reading materials.


This is too darn funny! 

From: Pinterest

From: Pinterest


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