7 Quick Takes Vol. 16

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Hosted by ConversionDiary



You have to be kidding…IT IS FRIDAY!?!?!?! That is what I said last night as my husband kindly reminded me that he was needing to iron his Whites (change of seasons means change in dress uniform). I was still thinking it was what…Tuesday or Wednesday. I was thinking today I would be writing my Top 5 Favorites, not my 7QTs.

For some of my readers you would probably say: ‘Would you not had noticed with reading blogs and looking at your computer?’ Yeah, about that, for the past few days when I turn on the computer, I was reading mangas not, checking what day it was…and for some odd reason, I never checked on my emails or new blog reader. Bad Kita, bad!


I took a novel-reading break. Yeah, about the time I finished my 58th book (which was on Monday..or what it Tuesday…nevermind) I decided I cool off the reading. Not saying I should have kept going, it was just I did not want to burn out on reading. Plus, I think I am making my husband a little jealous with the amount of reading I do. He is not aggressively jealous, he just seems disappointed in himself. With his workload it is just difficult for him to fit in any free-time for himself. I think I mentally wanted to make sure he did not feel too jealous over the amount of books I read that he has been unable to read almost little to none since we married.

But, of course I think because I stopped reading I lost count or mental notion of what day it was. XD Pretty hilarious, I think.


So, my great-grandmother decided to surprise me. For those who text me or heck tweet me might know I am a cheap-sake when it comes to phones. I have an alright phone that I pay a no-contract month to month for. With that being said, this month I was unable to keep my phone on. (We were a little tight with budget-wise) Well, my great-grandmother found out about it, because well I had not called her in two weeks (my husband’s phone works, but sometimes it doesn’t…it hates us 😦 ) Finally last night husband checks his phone and notices a voice message from my great-grandmother. We call her back, the phone liking us last night and she said she was sending something…she thought I got it at least today.

So, what did that woman send? I might wish to mentally smack her (lightly of course, because she could just easily beat me with her cane) or hug her (which I highly think I would do the latter). Anyways, she sent me money. My jaw dropped and said, “Why, you did not have to do that”. She, of course, said it was so I could get my phone back on so she could call me. I felt really embarrassed but humble by her gift. I told her when I got the gift I would get a hold of her (hopefully husband phone likes me) and then this weekend I would turn on the phone again.

In all seriousness my husband and I soon need to get a plan together. I would like the idea of calling my great-grandmother more often.


This week has been WARM! Very warm actually! At this moment it is what 68-70F-ish here in Charleston, SC. Yeah, ummm staying inside today. Of course it is to cool down tomorrow dramatically and with that line of storms, oh yeah. I cannot wait for the thunderstorms to pass through (I actually like thunderstorms).


A note regarding my great-grandmother….She told me on the phone that she and my brother have another box of my things coming to be sent. I am half tempted to tell her to UPS it or something because I just worry how USPS treats packages. Important items are being sent down for me.


As I mentioned about the weather it also means: NO SAILING FOR KITA or HUSBAND! I am putting on my sad face. I actually like sailing, even if I do freak out after the one event on the Keel Boat. (which reminds me I need to write about that last week’s sailing fun!)


My godmother/best friend will be getting married in less that 17 days! I am just sad that I am unable to attend.


2 thoughts on “7 Quick Takes Vol. 16

  1. I wish it would get to 68 or 70 here…(grump, grump). We’re having the usual bipolar weather, but it seems to be trending toward six days of winter with one day of summer mixed in for fun. I’d kind of like a spring. Call me weird. 🙂

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