7 Quick Takes Vol. 15

Hosted by ConversionDiary

Hosted by ConversionDiary



I will be starting to read my 53rd book tonight! I am still in shock how fast I am going through books. My husband is a little envious, but I remind him it is just because after getting the house looking nice enough, reading is a great thing to do when I have nothing else to do. And for this month alone I have read eighteen of those 52 books. (Yes, I include graphic novels and the like in there, I am reading them..so there!)


Have you ever hated going to a bookstore and not finding a book you are itching to read? That would be just little over an hour ago. What was worst my Nook was not helping me at all. I have a Goodreads App on the Nook and it was not letting me sign in or anything. I was quite peeved. Yet, not too long before that at Buffalo Wild Wings it was working just fine! Curse the App!


I finally found my lovely small speaker for my MP3 player. I swear St. Anthony helps me find things when I am not looking for them. You see I was looking my hair tie that I dropped the night before on the floor when I went to bed; thinking it was pushed under the bed I knelt down. I did not find my hair tie, nope found the speaker that I have been looking for; for two weeks I had been looking for this thing. Yay no more plugging in headsets to listen to my playlist.


My favorite quote today was from a friend of my husband’s back in Ohio. He actually played the organ at our wedding. Anyways, if anyone is offended by the comment please note I agree with him on music selections when it comes to Mass.

Oh? The people want Gather Us In? Well, the people also wanted Barabbas…


My dear friend Em is ever like a mother to me! No kidding she is, she likes to do that motherly thing where she reminds me I need to go and get my eyes checked. I would not know what to do without her, for she is that friend that is what a friend should be.


Argh one thing I hate about living down here in Charleston, SC is….BUGS that BITE! I know that I need bug spray now, because already since it warmed up here I have over 20+ bite marks on me, and literally five of them around my face! And the worst part it looks like it is not the blood-sucking bugs I am use to, but something smaller, because I have not seen them around me. I know I am going to be a complainer for the next few months, sorry husband!


Finally, I want to ask that everyone pray for the Fulwiler family! 


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