Four Years Ago…

I remember this day so well, ever fresh in my memory. It is known quite well through the ranks of my friends and many of the readers on my blog that I am not a fan of my birthday.

It is a holiday and most are either dealing with a hangover from getting drunk the night before, waiting for their football games to begin, or still drinking and getting more drunk than before. But, today I consider an important day for me, it is a birthday, but just not any birthday.

On this day four years ago it was Holy Saturday, but it in the evening that the silence of the world would be broken with shouts of Alleluia, bells ringing, and the full brightness of God’s Love shining through the darkness. Many of you know what day that is, the description is ever clear: Easter Vigil was that night.

Easter Vigil 2009 was special, it was not just your every Easter Vigil for me. First it was my first vigil to attend to, and thus began the tradition of going to Easter Vigil Mass every year. Second, and this is the important factor: it was the Easter Vigil I was Baptized and entered in full communion with the Catholic Church.

Yes, that is me! The young woman next to me is my Godmother.

Yes, that is me! The young woman next to me is my Godmother. The priest who is pouring water over my head is Fr. Andre-Joseph LaCasse, O.P. 


That means today is my CATHOLIC birthday! I am just a toddler in the faith, absorbing all I can of the faith hungering for the depths to know Him.

My conversion to the Catholic faith has been on the fore-front of my mind. I have constantly thought of writing it down as a novel or short-story for others in the world to read. My fear is always been, it being rejected by publishing companies. There is also that other problem I have: putting all my memories and thoughts together in a comprehending and construct way for others than myself.

In later entries throughout my blog I will hopefully give a full account of Easter Vigil, but right now I just want to savor my Catholic birthday. For other pictures from Easter Vigil 2009, check them here.



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