7 Quick Takes Vol. 14

Hosted by ConversionDiary

Hosted by ConversionDiary



So many people to keep in my prayers! I have to ask also that you keep them in your prayers too. Also keep me in your prayers as well, because I have been lacking in prayers. Please do not ask me why I do not even have the answer to it.

Anyways, the people who need your prayers are: Sofia, Jennifer, Hallie, my grandmother-in-law, my godmother, Amanda (especially with her book coming out soon), and my great-grandmother.


My husband is the most interesting person to sleep next to. I know none of you will be sleeping next to my husband but it is true he is very interesting to sleep next to.

First, he tosses and turns which I do not mind at all for I do the same, but what he adds is he will wrap and unwrap his legs with mine. It is funny for last he did that at least ten times and he would mumble sorries. He is so cute!

Next, he will be all cuddle with me and then the next he will be all I am overheating I am moving this way. Finally he will talk to me, kiss me and the like and not remember any of it.

So, the plus is I have the precious memories that I will only have! I can also tease him about it! Kidding!


Saturday is going to be interesting! My husband, our friend, Will, and I will be sailing this weekend. I am very excited, I hope we can take out the Ranger again. Maybe I will have more pictures to post.

Why we are going sailing is not just because we want to and the weather is nice, but it is to celebrate Will’s birthday! I am making his favorite meal for dinner (Peachy Chicken) will my Granny’s recipe for Potato Salad and Deviled Eggs with a Salad and maybe I might bake something for him to.

This is technically his first birthday away from family (he and we do not accept last years because it was boot camp!). So, my husband and I wish to do something for him.

Not only are we going sailing and having a great meal we are all going to see Jurassic Park in 3-D. I am excited because the last time I saw Jurassic Park in theaters was back when it came out and it was a drive-in movie theater. (I miss those!)


I am a sucker for Bing Crosby and Andrew Sisters.  Just yesterday I added more Big Band music to my collection and if I can find my little speaker we might take it out on the boat tomorrow!


I am quite pleased with myself on how many books I have read. I have now reached forty books, I know many will say but you are adding graphic novels. I know but they are books in their own right. It is only recently have I started reading them again. With this being said, I have to raise my goal again on Goodreads. Seventy-five sounds a good goal, what do you, the readers think?


Someone made me think about it….Sims needs an expansion pack that deals with Farming. Last night I watched a review/overview of one of the latest sets from the Sims 3 store. She made a valid point, it would be awesome for Sims 3 to do more with the farming aspect. I mean they have really done well with everything. As we speak they are working on an expansion pack that deals with underwater activities (called Island Paradise, I believe). Farming would be interesting because there a lot activities one’s Sims could do (from milking a cow, to caring for a harvest).


I want to thank everyone for reading my blog. I know I have been kind of on the hiatus with writing, I do not know why, but I hope soon it shall end. I like writing, it really keeps me from isolating myself. It is also the one place I feel I can find others who are not only wanting to write, but using the internet as a way for bringing knowledge of Christ and of his Church. Let us keep it up!

Well that is all for this week, let us hope next week I will be more productive in my blog(s). Ciao! 


3 thoughts on “7 Quick Takes Vol. 14

  1. #2 *is* cute, but it would make me crazy! How do you ever sleep? 🙂

    (You can tell that comes from a woman who’s been married 13 years and has 4 kids.)

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