Sailing for the First Time

Happy St. Patrick’s Day to all those in the blog sphere! 

As I mentioned in my previous entry, yesterday we were unable to Sailing. Mainly due to a weather wind adversary (which stated that the winds were to gush up to 30-40 knots if I heard my husband and our friend, Will). If one could see my husband and Will’s faces as they longed to go sailing (they had been unable to since September or October).

That all changed today, for the winds and the weather fared for us. I, at first was absolutely against me going onto the boat. I had good reasons too! One, I have never been on an actually sailboat; been of a few motorboats, but never a boat with just sails and wind as it power.

Second, and this is the important one for me: I do not know how to swim. It is sad to think that I do not know how, but we were never taught. And because of this I will wade in the water, but once it gets too deep for me, I will be hyperventilating. This is a problem for those who want take someone like me out in the waters.

But, I changed my mind after they really explained to me that one I would have a life-jacket and that the boat we would be taking out will not top over unless VERY strong winds, HUGE waves, and an inexperienced crew (which both my husband and Will knew how to sail and have taken this boat out before).

My view as we going further into the lake more.

My view as we going further into the lake more.

My first experience with sailing was a very interesting one. As one would guess, I was nervous as they told me sit in the boat. I made sure my life-jacket was secure (both men already took off theirs off and my husband had his shoes off) and got on her. It was nerve-racking that I was thinking I would either fall forward or backwards as I stepped on. Both men assured me that it would not.

Once I was in the boat and once we really got ourselves ready to take off, I was given kind of a crash course of sailing. I helped out and learned quickly the rush you get as you let the sails and wind take you. I will remember next time to bring a type of handy gloves (something that I used in my winterguard days) to grip the ropes better so to get quicker at moving the one sail.

Sailing March 17 Picture 2Both my husband and Will were quite happy as we got further from shore and I was relaxing as we got further. I quickly learned the life-jackets would hinder me really helping them so I felt it was time to take it off. I even through the trip taken my shoes off too. As I was just enjoying the scenery, they were taking turns being “captain” steering her.

It was around the middle of the lake that we became “be-calmed” I believed they termed it. Quite literally it means no wind. We were stuck in the middle of the lake for almost an hour. It was not too bad, for most of it we took turns (yes, I did) rowing with the one oar to see if we could let the waves help us move back towards Short Stay.

Sadly, that did not work very well, but I can say I can row pretty darn well! It took passing motorbike to tow us back a little ways. Once we felt the winds we thanks the two gentlemen and once again on the move back towards the dock. I even got to steer a little bit. It was quite fun!

Once we finally docked I got out and took the life-jackets in and spoke to the guy who runs the rental place for the Sailing Club (which both men are a part of). He was wondering if I would ever get my sailing licence. I kind of looked at him and told him I do not know how to swim. He was a little shock, but said that hopefully I will learn and still he thought it a great idea for me to get a boating licence.

All in all, I had a great three hours sailing on the lake. I am a little burnt (only on my forearms because I forgot to put some sun screen there), but I am very glad my husband pushed me to agree to go. It is relaxing and even Will proclaims that he will have to teach me to be his crew (for once the water gets warmer my husband is taking out Belle, the Laser that he sails all the time, to the point he named her XD) and maybe I will love that.

My husband and Will securing Ranger after we finished sailing for the day. They take such pride in that boat.

My husband and Will securing Ranger after we finished sailing for the day. They take such pride in that boat.


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