7 Quick Takes Vol. 12

Hosted by ConversionDiary

Hosted by ConversionDiary


This week has been a joyous one for all those in the Catholic World. As we now have a new Pope. As many of you know I loved Papa Emeritus Benedict XVI very quickly during my conversion and he was dear to my heart, but our new Pope he is adorable and so humble! I would like to say I would want to rub it in the faces of secular media that know nothing, the Conclave is not American Elections.


Pope Francis, if you haven’t noticed is an instant love, including to me. I was never truly guessing who would be Pope because that is just stupid, I instead prayed to the Holy Spirit that He guide the Cardinals to the best decision. And what a decision, I think from Benedict XVI to Francis it shows, even though people will laugh they are two peas in a pod in their gentle, but firm attitude. Both remind me of grandfathers and so makes me love them instantly.


I think I have mentioned this enough times, but my husband and I are writing letters to Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI. We had come to this decision really on his last day of his papacy. We wanted him to know how much impact he had upon our lives, but also to let him know that though he is not “Papa”/Pope he was our Papa in a true spiritual sense. To add, we want to let him know that he is always in our prayers and we ask that he keep us in his prayers especially as we are newlyweds. My husband is really excited and wrote his in a day, I have been taking my time with the letter. (I worry I will sound weird so I have deleted many versions of my letter.) Anyways, this Saturday we will probably go to the Post Office to send our letter to Vatican City, pray that Benedict XVI gets our letters.


Yesterday, my husband said to me: “Dear when you wish to really tell people your mind, boy do you know how to give a lashing.” He was speaking about my previous entry on certain politicians who were quoted in an article and how I pretty gave them a lashing through my blog. My husband is also my editor so, he said this weekend he would go through and edit my grammar mistake (for he is the grammar nazi). One thing he did mention afterwards was that though I gave “my lashing” I was able to say I was still praying for them. He was quite impressed, but I reminded him that many of the Saints, Catholic Figures, and etc that inspired me hold this: a forgiving but firm attitude to those who are wrong.


I have read just six books during this month! While I would have liked to say I read twenty books during this month, I am quite content with the rate I am going. All my books related to Benedict XVI have been read, but there are many more of his books I need to read, so when I have the money (look at my husband and pout :D) I might get more of Benedict XVI’s.


Today I have to clean! There is no ‘I will be fine for another day’ about it! I need to clean the kitchen and get all the clothes off the floor of my bedroom (there in a pile, but still!). I have been lacking in the role I promised myself I would do (though my husband just shakes his head and says I have done enough that it is ok to slack off). Most likely after these few entries and prayers I will be off to cleaning, I will be a Clean Queen!


Finally, this week I have become nicknamed again Mother-hen. To which I say, ‘Alright’. I have always been a mother-hen in some shape or form throughout my life, but lately I am that way with certain friends of my husband’s and even some of my friends who are much older than me. It is quite humorous for me.


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