Five Favorites Volume 3

Hosted by: MoxieWife

Hosted by: MoxieWife



Tax Returns

Laughable, but truly this week one of my favorite things was receiving my federal tax return. It was a huge one and a good chunk went to paying a big pricey item that was a thorn in my side. Alas, no more worries over it!


Sims Seasons & University

With my tax return I asked my husband if I could get the two newest expansion packs of the Sims 3 game system. He had no problem with it, actually he was more incline to encourage the purchase. He knows I have been wanting to do something other than cleaning, reading, cooking, and sleeping (though all are wonderful) and because my PSP and PlayStation 2 systems are being sent to me from my hometown.

Buying both of them was actually simple because now you can download the games online. As of right now I am liking the improvements and I am one of those who likes to take forever with the game, so knowing me I will be playing the game for a while and then I stop for a few weeks and then I start back up. Just something I have done for years.


Wii Fit/Wii Fit Plus

One of the wives I met little over a month ago asked me if I wanted to get “fit” with her. My brain went to the idea of the Fitness Center here, to which I have yet to visit. When I told her as long as I do not run I should be good. I cannot with injuries of my ankles, knees, and the big injury on my breastbone.

I got to her house yesterday right after 12:30pm, and she surprised me for we were to work out with Wii Fit/Wii Fit Plus. I should warn all of you that I have never used a Wii before, so I was quite nervous.

In all honesty, I do not know why I was so nervous. It was quite fun and I found out some of the yoga and strength exercises are more for me! I am not saying this is going to get me to getting up early just to go to the gym, but it made me wonder if it would be a good investment to get a Wii.



Recently I have creeped away from my music I own only to begin listening to Pandora (which I have on my NOOK). I have found such amazing music since I began listening. A lot of good bluegrass which is sometimes always difficult for me to find.

For the past I do not know how many days I have been turning on Pandora after prayers and listening to it pretty much all day! I do get a lot cleaning done with it! I am so glad I got it over a year ago. It just took me a year to figure that out.


School Kids hold their own Conclave!

There is really no words to tell you why this is so special and possible the favorite of the week! You should just check out the link to see why!


4 thoughts on “Five Favorites Volume 3

  1. Vis a vis the wii: I don’t have one, but if you like yoga and strength moves, you can find lots of beginner yoga books and stregth exercises online, for free or a small fee. I love Jillian Michaels program because it is basically strength training and yoga circuits. Just another idea!

  2. I try to use my Wii to work out when I can and I surprised myself by being really sore the other day – from a video game! I felt so out of shape (which I truly am, but I’m having fun so I underestimate the work I’m actually doing). Glad you’re enjoying it!

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