Something My Husband Mentioned….

Many of you, the Readers know that my husband is in the United States Navy. I think in some way I have told you he is a part of one of the most mentally straining programs, Nuclear Power Training. What does this mean? In a sense he is gone most of the day, with training school and then all those study hours. To put it bluntly he is away and I am home alone.

Last night my husband made reference to it as we laid next to each other. He looked like he was to cry for he said, “Maybe if I wasn’t so selfish I would have waited in getting you down here.” He explained to me that he felt like a selfish and bad person for bringing me down to NWS and then in his words “dropped me off” so he could be forever in the Schoolhouse.

Yes, it can be very lonely many days because I just do not know many people here, but also I hope this is not rude, but there is not much to do around the base. I mean there is bowling, but it is only worth it going Friday and Saturday. There is not an actual Catholic Parish near me, oh there is the chapel, but no Daily Masses (there is one on Thursdays, but that is it). And Downtown Charleston is literally thirty-five minutes away from me.

Loneliness doesn’t mean I am not happy to be here in NWS. A matter of fact I am quite happy to be here. I told him I would feel much worst being in Hilliard, Ohio without him. I would not have those moments that a bunch of activities and friends could fill. I am quite content living here on the NWS base because I am here with him.

It cannot be taken from me the gift of spending my days with my husband. And to that I thank God.


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