7 Quick Takes Vol. 10

Hosted by ConversionDiary

Hosted by ConversionDiary



It is March! I will coin the phase that I read on Jennifer’s blog: My Suckuary is over with! The last two weeks have been dreadful for me in regards to my emotions and my well-being. To know that month is gone, I just hope Suckuary doesn’t follow me into March.


Yesterday the Chair of St. Peter became Vacant. Many of readers know I have such a strong love for Benedict XVI (as many of the Church do, I am not saying I am his number one in love for him) and like many other Catholic Tweeters, Bloggers, and Facebookers we showed our love and gratitude to a humble servant.

Source: Was seen all over Facebook, it is not my wallpaper (well one of the many pictures)

Source: Was seen all over Facebook, it is now my wallpaper (well one of the many pictures)

I, of course while crying, watched the live coverage of the last hours of Benedict XVI’s Papacy. I reflected upon those last hours by writing an entry on my thoughts and love for My Papa. I was able to say I was able to receive his final blessing though I was not there in Rome.

On a little note, I found a YouTube video (though I did not like what the person who uploaded the video) that showed the final appearance of Benedict as Pope to my husband. My husband looked at me like he was to kill me, which I later learn it was because the scene made him cry. It is one of those moments that I am humble to say I witnessed his tears and knew I was not the only crazy one crying in this family.


One of the most amazing things about being Catholic and belonging to the Church is you meet and find those who are just like you. What do I mean by that? Well, thanks to Twitter and my ever love for Home Providence of the Dominican Order (which if you do not know I am Laywoman in the Order) in the United States (St. Joseph Providence) I found Fr. Pius, O.P.’s  blog.

Fr. Pius, O.P. I remember meeting (I would not think he would remember me though) when at my home parish of St. Patrick’s in Columbus, Ohio (of course run by the Dominican Friars) when he was the celebrant of the Dominican Rite Mass. Which was a privilege to be a part of, if you have never experienced it please do in your lifetime!

I had of course in my discernment to join the Dominican Order as a Laywoman would read much of his work when I would go surfing through the St. Joseph’s website. If I am correct he was the one priest he wrote about Fr. Albert O’Brien, O.P. (a humble man who through prayers and my future determination will be trying  to push for his sainthood, another time I shall explain.) which gave me another reason to read his work.

What I am getting is Fr. Pius is a wonderful blogger his own personal blog which is what I was getting at, is a great resource on what is going in Rome (For he is there), but also he helps especially someone like me, (who has never experienced a Conclave, let alone a vacant and empty Chair of St. Peter) an idea what will be happening in the next few days.

I highly recommend checking his blog out, but also follow him on Twitter: @PiusOP you won’t regret it!


Yesterday blog posting of my feelings of the final hours surprised me. @AlwaysCatholic, who not only writes but re-posts some great articles on the Catholic faith (and is a friend of mine) decided to re-post my blog entry.

To many they may think I am vain, but in reality I never find that my work is as accomplished as Jennifer’s, Hallie’s, or Fr. Pius’ entries. So it is a matter of being surprised someone believing my entries are worth to be noted.

Never am I trying to reach the idea that ever entry I write will be noted and mentioned on Twitter, someone’s blog site, or even causing me to on the radio. (Please the day that happens I want just look up at the Heavens and say, “Really?!”) I just want to be able to think that what I write is not just reading material for myself. (If it was I would think a very off the record and offline journal would be needed, to which I have one.)


The Conclave, the one event I have never been able to experience I will be able to. It is a time of uncertainty because I do not know what to do or how things will be covered. I just glad EWTN has live feed to their radio and television stations.

Most laugh, when I say the last Conclave I was in high school and I did not even know who Pope John Paul II was nor how important the Catholic Church was. I lived a very Secular lifestyle.

Much praying will be done by my husband and I. Also I constant checking Fr. Pius’ blog!


To keep with Papa Benedict theme going I am happy to say I have finished all three Jesus of Nazareth’s books. I was fairly impressed that book two did not take as long as I thought. Though my friend Em suggested that for her taste the last book was too dry and nothing new really covered I found the last book an ability for this still Baby Catholic to deepen her understanding of the Infant Narratives.

I am now moving on to finishing all my Benedict XVI books during Lent. I only have three left and a fourth which is an author speaking about Benedict’s message of faith. My husband chose for me the next book, The Great Teachers.


Which brings me to the last thing I would like to mention. If no one who follows me on Twitter or Facebook I am hooked completely on Pinterest and Goodreads

It is absolutely funny when I tell my husband how many books I have in my to-read section. (As of right now 256!) Many of them I have read before but I left them in the to-read section because I want to re-read them again. I want a fresh look at the books I have read at one time. I want to view the books I have read throughout my life in not the secular view but in the light of my Catholic lens.

Will I see things differently?

Or will I find something I would have never noticed?

These are those questions which I want to look at as I read, but also I want to see would I still considered those books good or not?


4 thoughts on “7 Quick Takes Vol. 10

  1. Hi! I found you due to Jen Fulwiler’s linky list. 🙂 Part of my Lent is commenting more on people’s blogs. I tend to just read them…. LOL! I will have to look you up on Goodreads, too! 🙂 I have over 2,000 books (mostly Catholic) in my to-read section! I don’t think I’ll EVER make it through them all.

    It looks like in your title picture that your husband was wearing crackerjacks at your wedding. 🙂 I am prior Navy, so I always find it fun to meet others.

    Thanks for posting and I look forward to reading more! 🙂

    God bless!

    • Thank you for looking at my blog. I had this dumb goal in my head to read as many books at John Adams. LOL he read close to 8,000 books in his whole lifetime (if I am correct) I will never make it but we can try.

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