Five Favorites Vol. 2

Hosted by: MoxieWife

Hosted by: MoxieWife

Even though this week has been stressful for me, I will say I can come up with five favorites of this week. 🙂


Husband buys us an Iron and Iron Board

Pretty right? :)

Pretty right? 🙂

Most would think this should not be on the favorites, but of course I am weird and little things like a brand new iron is an instant fave. My husband and I knew we needed one because of his uniforms, but I thought it is about time to start ironing a lot of my clothes (I have never done any of that). I want to be a little girly, that includes ironing things to look my best!


Papa Benedict XVI’s Jesus of Nazareth Part Two

I am almost finished with the book and I have barely taken 1/8th of the time that I took to read part one. To what I thought would take me two weeks because sometimes this baby Catholic just has the most difficult time sometimes understanding theological statements (I am proving myself to be a dumb person!) was coming to me at a fast pace. I mean yesterday alone I read a bulk of the book in three/four hours.

I think the other part of it is I can hear Papa’s voice as I read the book, which makes it more personal and more like circle time or an hour lecture in college.



This past week I have been hooking myself back on Pinterest. I am especially getting into pinning things for style ideas, hairstyles, and little things that I use to never think about especially before I got married. Heck, I would dress up, but I never felt like it was IMPORTANT.

Now married, I find, as I have mentioned in I do not know how many times I have this urge to be more girly, to be aware of looking nice. I am such a self-conscious person that I think this urge is my determination to break out of my castle.

I should say that Hallie Lord makes me remember that I love vintage looks!



It has been forever since I really used my Pandora, but last night through my restlessness I became happy for Pandora. I have the app for my Nook, but now I use it more on my computer. Some of the stations I have chosen have brought some new artists I have never heard of and brings me to look at more of their music. Even to the point of downloading songs.


My Enclosed Porch

Lame for number, right? Well, I love my enclosed porch, because though I love going outdoors I hate things that bite me, especially in the evening. So, when we (my husband and I) got our home we noticed the enclosed porch. I have not been really able to use it that much because of the temperature outside and windy as heck down here in Goose Creek (Charleston area). But, the last few days been going outside sitting in my folding chair with a blanket, music player, and book. It is just wonderful and not biting bugs!


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