What I Wore Sunday Week 3

What I Wore Sunday


I know it is a day late, but we did not go to an early morning Mass we went to late-evening Sunday Mass. So we got late, and with me not feeling too well I could not write. But, here I am showing you the pictures of what I wore yesterday!

Husband took so many this was the best he took.

Husband took so many this was the best he took.

Skirt: Lane Byrant $20, clearence

Top: Lane Byrant, $15.95

Shoes: Payless, $19.99

Pantyhose: Navy Exchange, $4.00 clearance

WIWS Week 3 Shoes

Yesterday, I feel I was in a “Marian” feel for I wore so much blue. I have always loved the blue skirt, but I cannot find many things to go with it, that top has been one of those tops that I usually wear with the skirt.

My husband and I went to the Sunday Evening Mass at the Cathedral in Downtown Charleston. Fr. Dux was celebrating Mass and the main of the Homily and this passed Sunday was the Transfiguration. Quite honestly I was giggling because I was reading about the Transfiguration in Jesus of Nazareth.

Time for us to accompany Jesus up the Mountaintop.

Fr. Dux’s homily was strong, which normally his homily never go wrong in my opinion. He struck something I know many would not like anyone likes to hear, how so many leave the Church because do not FEEL anything while at Mass.

Coming to GIVE instead coming to GET.

He mentioned that Jesus comes to us in a hundred different way, but does it best in a very one direct way, by a personal encounter with us, but we cannot encounter that when we are so wanting to get something instead willing to give.

Fr. Dux reminded us that we need to stop thinking about ourselves; stop thinking about our opinions of those who do not dress well, who do not pray right, but instead give and realize we are in full-time ministry with Jesus while at Church.

We are to be not just waiting for the encounter to sit on our laps, but be an active in the ministry we are in. To find our “invincible summer” in the winter.

Allow yourselves to be grip by the gentle hand of God.


3 thoughts on “What I Wore Sunday Week 3

  1. O boy, yes, “feelings are not facts” was given to me by a wise man once and has been very helpful over the years. And of course that “love is a decision” learned on our engaged encounter weekend. Growing up in a semi liberal home, I wish I had known that sooner.

    I love those little shoes and the skirt is lovely. I also live on base. “McGure AFB”. God bless you. Michelle

    • Thank you very much for reading my blog. And thanks for the compliment about the skirt and shoes. I am always self-conscious about these things so it is nice to do this which is something out of my realm of comfortable.

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