7 Quick Takes Vol. 9

Hosted by ConversionDiary

Hosted by ConversionDiary


Argh, certainly waking up this morning I was not expecting this. For the past two days I have noticed my nose has been clogging, well one side. This morning though my whole head feel like crap. I think I have a head cold or sinus cold. Either way this just not good for me, because what happens is I sleep-in when I feel this way. I do not like sleeping in.


Lacking in my Lenten Practices makes me worry. This whole week I have not been able to say Evening Prayers from the Liturgy of the Hours. It sounds absolutely funny, but has always been a problem for me even before Lent.

I do blame myself on this because normally the time I should saying my Evening Prayers my husband has surprised me with coming home early. With that being said my brain goes blank and all I want to do is to spend time with him. Afterwards, my brain goes into that mode of “must cook dinner”.

I am hoping that this next coming week I do a better job with saying my prayers. Also this week, I have been lacking in praying the Rosary and that I cannot tell you why.


A bit of the big hurdle my husband and I have been facing is crumbling slowly away. I know only two months into our marriage and you would think we are all lovey-dovey and no problems, right? Well, it is for the most part, but we have been hitting this hurdle I have been known to call it for a while. We are trying balance out our wants, needs, and obligations daily and for the most part we do well, but there are those moments where we miss the mark.

This week, I think we finally broke a piece of the hurdle (I say a big piece). My husband is figuring out that I just want to be with him and do things with him when he comes home, so instead of listing out things he needs and wants done always remember to ask if I would like to go on his errands with him. To which I would love to. There were tears, but I think we found our weak points, which is we are so wanting to please the other, but also wanting to please ourselves that it has overwhelmed us.

This hurdle is a day-to-day process that I know we can overcome.


Have a I mentioned that I am hating an empty mailbox? Yes, an empty mailbox is the saddest thing for me right now. I would never think it would be until I came here. I get all excited when the mailman brings mail to the neighborhood, but when he passes my mailbox or the mail is ads or even a bill it makes me sad.

I know in this day and age we have Facebook, Blogs, Emails, Twitter, Phones, and Text Message. Yet, even then it feel like once I got married and had to move away people just abandoned me. I know that is probably not true, but it is what I feel.

Somehow reading up on their lives when I got through Facebook it just makes me feel I was never a part of their lives in the beginning. I must sound very stupid and selfish about now. But, so what does this have to do with letters in the mail. They are personal and actually in my opinion make that effort of “I wanted to say hello to you” type of thing. I love it!

I know people can then turn around and say I have written them, for that I cannot blame them for saying. Actually with regard to that next week begins the first patch of Thank-You Letters to all those who attended or gave me gifts before and after my wedding. Maybe that is what will help my empty mailbox problem.


Link-up entries are becoming a great investment for me. I love the link-up blogs I have committed myself to! The reason behind this love for it is truly because there are many days that I will sit at my computer and nothing will come to my brain to write about, yet I know just moments before I had a wonderful entry come through. The Link-up entries bring me a sense of renewal into writing. I can think about what to write and actually I have come up with ideas after writing them. Hence why you might be seeing more entries from me in the future.


My husband is most likely going to be re-reading most of the books I have read. Last night my husband finished the novel, Flipped which is a young adult book that I read last year. He absolutely loved the book and I have felt he will like the other young adult books I have read from the previous year.

One of the biggest positives of this is we can discuss books that we have both read in more detail and we do not have to try to give a whole core discussion on what the book is about, for me that is helpful because I sometimes will start explaining the plot and it never ends with explaining the plot, but something completely different. I am NOT kidding on that point! 🙂


Almost finished with Papa Benedict XVI’s book Jesus of Nazareth Book 1! 


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