What I Wore Sunday Week 2

What I Wore Sunday


Decided to stop reading for just a moment and write a few blogs. I was very pleased with myself today as I decided to really make an effort to dress up for Mass (normally I am running out the door!) and hoping blogging about it will help. (As I have mentioned in my first WIWS post.)

My husband told me to stop fidgeting.

My husband told me to stop fidgeting.

Shirt: DressBarn

Skirt: DressBarn

Stockings (not shown in this picture): Payless

Shoes (not shown): Payless

I think I have mentioned this to many, but readers I LOVE the 1930s and 1940s style of clothing, especially skirts. When I found this skirt I had been looking everywhere for a skirt that was made for my body, but went past my knees without being a Maxi. Plus, if you check out the next photo you will see why I love the skirt!

I love these shoes!

I love these shoes!

The one problem I had been the stockings, they were just not wanting to be nice to me. They were bunching at my knees, everything was the right size, but it wasn’t matching. I have never had a problem with Payless stockings before today. My husband said, “Means no more buying stockings from there.” I guess he is right, sadly.

I hope everyone is having a lovely Sunday.

God Bless!



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