7 Quick Takes Vol. 8

Hosted by ConversionDiary

Hosted by ConversionDiary


Lent has begun! Mentioned in a previous post of my Lenten intentions for this year I can say I finding it a little difficult for the internet part. I think my main problem is that really like reading blog entries from Catholic bloggers. I am doing my best even though it is just two days in. Other than the internet problem my other Lenten intentions are going strong. Keep me in your prayers as I try to keep up with this.


If you have been living under a rock I hope you all have heard the news about Pope Benedict XVI. I am sadden of course of him leaving; I am part of the Benedict  generation (since I was baptized in 2009). My husband was shocked to know that I never knew of the Catholic Church let alone the famous Blessed John Paul II before his death in 2005. When I was coming into the Church I read more from Pope Benedict XVI than I did JPII.

In all honesty, I am upset with his decision, I had watched the final public Mass on Wednesday and I can see why he is leaving. My only wish and prayer is that Papa lives the rest of his life in a beautiful prayer-life that only one who did so much deserves. I think many should praise for acknowledging that he has limits and knows how far he can go.

This will be my first Conclave as a Catholic, and as my godmother (who I received a letter from yesterday) wrote it is a uncertain and exciting time for the Church. I am hoping to watch the live coverage of the events unfold. Who will be our new Pope? I have not idea who, but my prayers are for the Cardinals who will be deciding.


Still getting use to married life…I am not saying I dislike married life, in actuality I love it. It is just things that me are not matching up with things with him. My example would be when I sleep and if someone is next to me, I love cuddling.

Even with my past, being held or holding someone is the most wonderful feeling for me. I use to do it with my sister, where I would even just hold her hand as she slept. And I slept in the same bed as my grandmother, I loved snuggling close to her as I slept.

My husband on the other hand likes to face away from the center of the bed and lay on his stomach. What is worst is when I cuddle next to him, he tends to overheat and wants me to move. For me and my insecurities I feel I am doing something wrong; when it is only he is use to sleeping a certain way. I have to get use to this, but I think he is understanding more of the importance of why I cuddle.

(I know too much information for one’s reader to know about the author, but….)


I am learning I am fan of walking around my house as I pray the Rosary. I have no idea of why I do, but when I sit down and pray the Rosary, I am yawning almost constantly. I do not know if it because of the repetition or what, but it is funny that I can get through the Rosary in a more contemplative way walking around than sitting on my bed, in a pew, or at the dinning room table.


I am dreading the next two weeks. This coming Monday will be one year since my great-uncle’s death. Many times this past week, especially Ash Wednesday I was reminded that last year on Ash Wednesday after having ashes placed on my forehead I was going to the funeral home for the first viewing of my great-uncle. The ashes remind us of our mortal state; I found out how strong that was on that day.

Then not even a week later it will be fourteen years since my grandmother’s death (the one I snuggled next to all the time). Both those days will be a day of praying the Office of the Dead for their souls, but also asking them to please pray for me.

I am reminded by many that they are proud of me, there are days I could hear their response to that. It is their witty comebacks, stories, laughter, and just their smiles that I miss. Somehow that song from Pearl Jam really speaks of how I feel on those two days.


Alright, so for the past week a song has become stuck in my head and I have NEVER seen the musical or the movie-musical version yet? So, everyone knows, seen, or heard of the musical: Les Miserables correct? Alright, so I randomly decided to see what the whole fuss was about the movie version and so, I downloaded the soundtrack that was available from the movie.

I can understand why some people did not like the movie version, people have a high standard to vocals (I am one of those), but for some odd reason Russell Crowe’s version of Stars I do not know it has become so stuck in my head it is ridiculous. (Just something to mention I have always loved Russell Crowe in a sort of historical films….I am silly.)


Finally, I end this 7 Quick Takes….it is always great to write these, but for some reason I cannot think of a seventh take for this volume. Until next week!


4 thoughts on “7 Quick Takes Vol. 8

  1. I am one of the oddballs who really liked Crowe’s interpretation. BUT–please get the 10th anniversary concert CD. That is how Les Mis should be done.
    In general I liked the movie. I think I’ll like it more on second viewing, because they made some cuts/jumps that were distracting to me the first time. If you ever get a chance to see it live, do it…although it runs a bit long, it’s worth seeing.

    • I do not think you are an oddball, I mean I should be the oddball because I love listening to him sing “Stars”, it is funny to say I had listened to the others who played the same character and I felt they were wonderful singers, but nothing could make go away from Crowe’s.

  2. I understand the cuddle thing – my husband is a HOT sleeper which means that I turn down the heat and then use him a warmth. Marriage life is a difficult thing to get used to. Our issue is the leaving the clothes behind the door of the bathroom rather than putting in the basket…next to the bathroom door.

    • Actually he has done a great job with that (Clothes). He sometimes puts them in a pile in the room, but he will then take them where we have baskets. (I have baskets for sorting.)

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